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Second Landsraad Tournament


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pearlmans and silontee is the same gay= pearl or sil.. :) modify it dunenewt.

and I will join this tornament. come with me mjn dude. ::)

and I suggest for a map.

Spicebowl.(its good for 1vs1...sandypass is a good one too, but if we need a observer we cant stop cheating ;D

and cradle basin, patchmesa, worm garden is good too. but I dont care even if those eliminate from this tormanment. :P

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Hey Dunenewt, how about making a new thread with the oficial list of contestants in it? Then lock it, and I will sticky it for you.

When I've got the time, I will update the first post of this thread to contain all the contestants.  I'll start a new thread in a couple of weeks when I've decided who's playing who.

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am quite depressed newt ... since i came back to this game to practice for the tourney

every nob on the block has been beating me.. and toying with ass ..

i dunno what happened to me .. not that i was the best player out there but

no one toyed with my ass before ..

maybe i forgot it all and am too chicken to even play... and when i do there is no one

to play with...

the few guys i talked to and tried to bring to the tour all let me down and said there wont

be any tour ex : erjin.kaleem.mj.doompower. 

even the list has started to break down so far we lost mordos,yuko. who knows what is


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