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C&C Red Alert 3


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Cash cows, guys. I guess we can stop looking forward to the future of C&C.

EA are Cash Cow herders.

Heh, I'll buy KW and RA3 regardless, just because I like Command and Conquer.

Would you buy a RA game if they said it was the worst game in the world on the front cover?

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''Wasn't Tiberian Sun before EA bought them over?''

Regardless IMO it wasn't very good. Many people seemed to like it though, so I guess that is indicative of the effects of EA's involvement. Ie: when EA is not involved WW makes games that are at least decent.

Why did WW sell themselves to EA anyway. Surely after dune 2, C&C and RA, they couldn't have been doing that badly. Was it just a matter of even more money, since I suppose EA would pay for the publishing and the like now. Still, if EA owns WW, then wouldn't that mean that they would reap the lion's share of the profits from WW games?

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The thread about an upcoming game has devolved into discussion of feces... Would you blame EA for that? :P

Yes, I would. :)

Depends if it could be installed on my laptop.

Yes, but all it does is overwrite any desktop pics. and screensavers you put on and replaces it with someone's @ss sh!ting all over the screen (who has diarrhea of course) :P. 

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Empire of the Rising Sun:

"These guys are the most sci-fi - mixing samurai, robot culture, anime, manga, all sorts of cool stuff.  We've also taken a little bit of Japanese military uniforms from WWII and blended them - it was an important to find a way of making them work together as one faction.  You'll see dragonfly-type ships and other bugs in there too.  We spent some time in Japan taking reference photos, and we're all big fans of Japanese popular culture."

~ Matt Britton, RA3 Art Director

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