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lol u won't have much fun. the game looks like crap with low settings. I played the demo with my 7600 card on lowest settings... it's reall ugly then. the soundtrack is great by the way, I'm listening to it right now @ work.

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i am playing it with my advanced technology machine

p4/6200 geforce/ 1 gig ram..

looks fine and lag a little bit. but for somone who played emperor

with yukolord its realy nothing..

  secret note :  i am playing it online without a cd key just like bf2...

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I played the game now, but I didn't finish it (yet?)

First of all... the game looks awesome and after playing it you don't really enjoy other FPS because they just don't look that good. I also really enjoyed the gameplay, especially the nano-suit. Once you have learned how to control it very quickly, it's a lot of fun. The game then has a turn which I don't like. After entering the mine everything you have to do is just annoying: navigating though zero gravity alien terrain, running though an icy landscape (which looks nice) with you teamleader whose nano-suit isn't working properly and whom you have to guide to a fireplace constantly because of that, operating turrets and machineguns on a jeep... the aliens are very annoying and take a lot of damage. Killing tons of enemy soldiers was way more fun and when I also had to navigate VTOL and got into trouble with aliens I stopped playing the game because I read a walkthrough then to see what was coming next and all there was left was more stupid stuff until the last fight. It's a bit sad, because before entering the mine it was really a great game. You could use vehicles but you didn't have to and the enemies were way more fun than those aliens.

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strange i stooped playing at the mines also not only because

it was so boring like you said but because it lagged so bad

on my pc and it was silly to keep going ...

you wont like the multi player as well i mean bf2 is way better..

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The game looks nice, and you get to beat up a turtle as soon as you start the game - both plusses in my books.  But graphics aren't everything.  I found the nano-suit to be a bit of a gimmick, like the suit in TimeShift, although it was a pretty neat gimmick.  I also liked how you could modify your weapons.

I stopped playing at the tank level, though.  I would have preferred to be able to get out of the tank if it was taking too much damage, and continue on foot.  It would have been fun to activate the cloaking function, and set charges on the enemy tanks or something.

Also, the suit's male voice is really annoying.  It sounds like it's trying too hard.

[edit] Also, it took way too long to get a sniper scope.

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actually you can get out of the tank in that level. maybe you tried too early? I drove a bit in the tank, shot 2 other tanks and then got out of the tank to kill the anti-tank infantry. I completed the whole level without a tank then...

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nice game, saw it in my brother's PC but never tried it. I played Assassin's Creed instead.

Everything set on Very High with no lag. Looks really really great.

Here are his specs:

Intel Quad Core 2.4 ghz

4 GB DDR 2

MSI P-35 Neo

NVidia Geforce 8600 GT 512 MB

Windows Vista Ultimate

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