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The Settlers !


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What has Lotr 1 or 2 got to do with Settlers !!!

Resource management has always been the key to playing any Settlers game, more so with the latest generation.

Personally I'm now looking forward to the re-release of Settlers 2 which will apparently include the random map generator from Settlers 1.

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I too was wondering a bit about Lotr series.

I am a fan of the earlier games, and cant think how the later games could have been better. But then I couldnt have imagined how DuneII could have been bettered really...so maybe its something to give a try.

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There's a demo available now of the Settlers II 10 Year Anniversary Game.

It's the old Settlers II with a completely new and kicking (frankly, not that kicking) 3D graphics engine.

I'd love to play it, but it crashes after about a minute on Vista x64.  >:(

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Any link?  Wouldn't mind looking at that.

Settlers 2 was brilliant, the depth, the planing, the combat system.  Plus the graphics actually looked alright, unlike games today when all you see are squares and rectangles for people, the settlers had, althogh cartoony, people that looked like people.

Settlers 4 was alright, the system were you had to move your troops lke a C&C game, was a love hate thing, you could love the amount of control you had, or you could hate it as the simplicity in fighting and finding ore had gone, I personally liked the settlers 2 fighting, waiting there turn to have a chop at each other.

Still it's a great game, and you can download 1 and 2 at the underdogs.


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I only ever played settlers 2 having been given to me and i never could get into it properly, it was pitiful that i could never get past level 2, but i enjoyed playing the skirmishes even though i never got that far. :(

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