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A Couple Things I Found


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You can still build things after the structure is destroyed. If you have your construction yard selected and it is destroyed, you can still build things with it as long as you don't change the build menu. Same for units but tehy can't deploy.

The Yes No Proceed and Cancel buttons are switched around.

Rocket Turrets seem to require a House of IX? In Dune 2 they were built by upgradeing the construction yard after upgradeing to large concrete slabs.

I would like to be able to change build menus by clicking the building.

You can't build something unless you have all the credits at once.

The palace doesn't seem finished, and it seems to require money to repair.

Building structures seems to take longer than normal.

That's all that I have found right now, thanks for starting this project Stefan!

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Yea, I forgot about the radar too. In the version I have you could repair the palace for free, but for balance issues you might want to make it cost money anyways. After playing some more of the test the troopers seem almost too powerful. They rip apart any unit and building with ease aside from infantry. Rocket tanks seem effective. I only got to mission 5, but I think sonic tanks might work well.

The AI is strange; it builds huge masses of trikes and quads and then sends them all in. My units like to run to an enemy when they come near my base, which messes up the walls of tanks I used to use for defense before turrets are available. The AI also likes to shoot sandworms, and will end up shooting each other if a sandworm is under my units. They also will ignore the enemy if already shooting a sandworm.

There were a couple problems with the mission map, hard to explain without a screen shot.

Also, I think you need to make a button to issue an attack command, maybe control would work like in some of the Westwood games. Otherwise, you have to run a unit into a spice bloom.

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I agree with the spice bloom point! Also you can't seem to order the harvester home

even when only half full! Sometimes when credits are scarce that's essential! (and you can't run over enemy infantry ;D)

I can't seem to acces the options menu and therefore can't save the game. I don't know if that's on purpose or not!

I also feel that the whole "build a huge mass of xyz units and send them off" is a simplistic strategy, one I used to use all the time  ;D, hopefully in time the game AI may be adapted a bit more to take adavantage of different  ways of doing it, like being sneaky for example! Still It's a really good clone, updating the User Interface was a really good move as the whole "click one unit, click on command menu" approach was clunky and tedious. Oh and Hooray for box selecting units!

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Oh OK I thought that might be the case! I loved the original and this has everything that lacked so I don't mind one bit waiting for details like that!!  8)

Ah I see you CAN send your harvester back to the refinery! RTFM!

Umm! I can't repair my buildings! I press R and hold and the spanner appers but nothing else happens! Is that not yet implemented?

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there are some things I found, too:

-  if you dont have a radar, a white square should nevertheless be shown in the map in order to show you where in the map you are

-  there should be a way to tell units "dont move".  you have to control your units every 30 seconds because as soon as an enemy arrives they are running crazy and move away.  I'd like them to stay in formation.

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