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  1. Hehe! No I wasn't, I thought that pressing R activated repairing, I wasn't clicking as well! Sorry, I must be getting senile in my old age! :D
  2. Oh OK I thought that might be the case! I loved the original and this has everything that lacked so I don't mind one bit waiting for details like that!! 8) Ah I see you CAN send your harvester back to the refinery! RTFM! Umm! I can't repair my buildings! I press R and hold and the spanner appers but nothing else happens! Is that not yet implemented?
  3. I agree with the spice bloom point! Also you can't seem to order the harvester home even when only half full! Sometimes when credits are scarce that's essential! (and you can't run over enemy infantry ;D) I can't seem to acces the options menu and therefore can't save the game. I don't know if that's on purpose or not! I also feel that the whole "build a huge mass of xyz units and send them off" is a simplistic strategy, one I used to use all the time ;D, hopefully in time the game AI may be adapted a bit more to take adavantage of different ways of doing it, like being sneaky for example! Still It's a really good clone, updating the User Interface was a really good move as the whole "click one unit, click on command menu" approach was clunky and tedious. Oh and Hooray for box selecting units!
  4. Number 6

    Linux version

    Hi there.. well I just played this version of Dune II and It's very impressive. I was a fan of the original so that helps ;D: Anyway I'd be happy to help with compiling a Linux version when you decide you want one! I'm sure there'd be a lot of positive responses on the allegro.cc site regarding a port as well! Might as well make a MacOS X version as well 8) I can help with that too!
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