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The new dune novels


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I wnet to a book store the other day and looked up the new dune novel. It cost $40! I couldn't belive it! I doubt Dune cost that much, even if you changed the value of the dollar to today's standards. (And before you start saying that your copy only cost thirty, I am a Canadian). I am not going to buy it when it costs that much, and I am a dune fanatic! The only reason I even bought dune2000 was becuase it was called "dune2000" The paper back version is probably going to cost $25! I think I will wait the 80 years until my library is getting new books and request House Atreides as one.


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I bought a copy of Dune that was printed in 1986 a few months back, hardbound books are very expensive. The softcover should cost about $6.99 US but will not see the shelf until about 6 months after the hardbound hit the shelf at the least. I fallowed a link form here once and found the actual release scheduele. I have no idea whay the charge so much for hardbounds, it probably has to do with collectability.

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40 bucks!!! I paid 40 guilders for the soft cover. Thats about 20 bucks. I think its a good buy. I collect the books too. Even bought the soundtrack from the movie. Believe me, the book is good. go get it. Else you'll have to buy house Atreides and house Harkonnen at the same time. By the way House harkonnen will probably be more expensive, because it contains 800 pages!!!!

And maybe it is a little expensive. But it will probably beat the crap out of the new miniseries. Look at those actors.. awfull... And those costumes(where is the parade?)Will this miniseries be like the prequel to star wars? Well, lets wait till it comes out. Just think the cast of the movie Rules!!!! And the costumes too...

Yes Mah-di. I Think the movie is GREAT!!!!!

Greetings nStilgar.

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The film was baaad, don't get me started on that.

The miniseries looks superb, I really can't wait...

You poor people. We may have got House Atreides a little later than you in North America, but at least we got it straight into oversize paperback. I think I paid

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yo mahidi dla why are your dune books expensive. i live in ontario and the dune books here r like 8 bucks. even the hard cover is only 30. and i went to the used book store last week and they had the whole series for like 2 dollers a book i was score and bought the ones i didnt have,

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