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What order should i read the entire Dune collection?


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I've never said 'it was morally wrong of him to-' or 'Clearly the man is evil.' What I'm doing is saying that he's a jealous, insecure, deluded person

OK, so you are questioning his morality. Just double-checking.

with all the writing skills of a brick.

That has nothing to do with your view.

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What I'm doing is saying that he's a jealous, insecure, deluded person

I agree, cause in the contrary:

a) he was conscious of his limitation and respectful of his father, and he never dared to write something about dune

b) he was conscious of his limitation and respectful of his father, but he wanted to write something about dune. In this case he would have read-reread-rereread and rerereread his father work in order at least not to write things inchoerent with his father's work.

But nor a) or b) case succeded. So he is:

1) not respectful of his father (and this is the most dirty thing you can imagine)

2) in consequence of 1) he's the man-type that never incur in the a) condition part I

In addiction to this 1) + 2) we have the "offensive dangerous" type of man, that not only pretend others believe his shit is gold, but he try to put down who dont' want to believe (Encyclopedia). This way of doing we find only in those character type i'll not say the names.

I don't want even to imagine what person is this BH.

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The very fact that storylines are starting to get simplistic is a sign of their inability to handle the Duniverse. Even if they managed to get a plot comparable to FH's, their linguistic ability to carry it off just like how Dune has always been remains questionable. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with dismissing them as fan fiction.

Even if they have absolutely what it takes to really continue FH's storyline, what fact remains that only the first 6 books were written by FH. Who originally plotted the entire story? Who's the one with the clearer, ORIGINAL idea? It's FH. So where do you start? The first 6 books. Is anything else necessary? No, unless you'd like to see a bigger picture (but as I've mentioned in the previous paragraph, this isn't likely to be an ACCURATE big picture). Thus, the conclusion remains that you touch the first 6 books. Anything else is anything but beneficial to your understanding of Dune.

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It's an argument, and thus it's not as flippant as 'opinion' would suggest. Even if it is opinion, it is not unjustified. When I make a mere 'opinion', it shows that I've ignored some factors and accounted for the rest. If you want to prove otherwise, tell me what the other factors are (though I have a feeling Dante will probably squish you for it).

The originator of this thread might not share it, but the fact remains that I'm making a point. To throw your logic back at you, who's to say the originator of this thread would not share it?

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