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  1. that is only opinion, and even if it is shared by 90% of Dune fans, it is still only opinion. And who's to say the originator of this thread would share it.
  2. ah and yet OFFICIALLY the prequils ARE canon. and as for "stating what is correct," what is correct is what is official and vice versa. so any wiki entry that took into account the prequils in the context of canon would have to state that they are officially canon, but that does not mean that no one could add anything stating that many Dune fans personally do not consider them canon for various reasons. But nothing changes the fact that they are officially canon.
  3. I fail to see how it's wise. Islam has so many internal problems. Anyway, it seems a prevelant theme in Dune with the Zenshiite and Zensunnis is that at some point Islam and Bhudism merge. they rever "Buhdallah" and in Machine Crusade sttues to Muhammed and Bhudda are mentioned in a Zenshiite city.
  4. And they are STILL not FanFic writers! Christ sake you are the most biased person on this freakin community. It doesn't matter how good or how terible they write, they are established, professional authors thus their Dune novles are not FanFic! whether you like their works or not is IRRELEVANT in regards to this.
  5. BH AND KJA DO NOT WRITE "FANFIC" THEY ARE ESTABLISHED AUTHORS! I don't care if you despise what they write, it is NOT "fanfic" because they are NOT amateur authors who are fans of a particular story who write their own renegade stories! They are professional authors and thus NOT FANFIC WRITERS! Jesus...
  6. a simple matter of anting to know a certain order to reading the novles degenerates patheticaly into the retarded and tired BH/KJA bashing party.
  7. "stupid things" are said everywhere at everytime by everyone. no one place and no certain people stand out. it's a silly topic.
  8. when you've been writing officially for a while and are publish numerous times over on many different books then you will be qualified to anounce what is a mistake and what is not. seriously this anti-KJA/BH stuff is getting out of hand. There are valid arguments and there have been some damn fine points made that I too agree with however it's gone beyond rational. It seems more and more like a fad, the cool thing to do. As if you can't be a true Dune fan or post on these boards in a favorable manner unless you fall in with the party line. And some of the things said aren't even mature or thou
  9. I am familiar with KJA from his star Warsnovels and other novels and yes I think he is just trying to cash in on Dune. However I don't see anything BH and KJA are doing as harming anything about the Dune universe. One thing to remember jmoussa is that thre are people out there who have a set preference on what something is and ought to be and will fight any bit of change or addition blindly to the point where it's asinine (sp?). I personally have so far enjoyed the House and Legends series' quite simply for giving a backstory. Who cares if BH or KJA or both are simply trying to cash in. Who ca
  10. jros83

    idea maybe?

    IF so many dislike what BH and KJA are doing with Dune, why not simply ignore their novels? Why even bother reading them only to get disgusted so you can come on here and load the forums up with how much they (allegedly) stink and should stop ruining (allegedly) the Dune universe? Just ignore them, don't read their Dune works. Sounds pretty easy to me! If Dune through Chapterhouse is all that's worthy then that's all you need concern yourself with. Bashing BH and KJA's novels is pointless because 1. you're not impressing anyone with any supposed amazing ability to deduce what is good literatur
  11. By the way the entire series of Dune novels does not come close to what is considered great literature in the first place, so bashing the pre-Dune novels in relation to Dune 1-7 seems a bit silly considering. It's ALL very run of the mill and mediocre to begin with. But the pleasure is derived from enjoying the novles FOR WHAT THEY ARE.
  12. I am who I am, and no one else, thank you. The pre-Dune novels are fine for what they are. Finding new and varied ways to criticise the novels does not make anyone seem to have more prowess in their assesment and apreciation of literature. It gets comical after a while.
  13. I think people go too far bashing the pre-Dune novels, the House novles and the BJ novels all. It seems like more often that naught it is just blind criticism coming from people who feel no one other than FH himself should ever have the right to write in the Dune universe. The writing itself yes may not be to the standards of FH and the original Dune novles however it does not detract from the stories at all in my opinion. I think people should settle down and enjoy these novles for what they are.
  14. as a follow-up, do a search on a man named Carl Jung. He dealt a lot with archetypes.
  15. archetypes have nothing to do with religion, race, nationality, or anything else that is basically superfiscial and secondary. Archetypes are fundemental ways of going about your goals. Archetypes are very real but when you connect them to race or religion or nationality that is when the concept of archetypes seems superfiscial and dereogative and ignorant when in fact an archetype is just a very simple thing that has nothing to do with polotics or race, religion, nationality, what have you.
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