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  1. Ok thanks for the advice everyone. Don't forget that the DE was authorised by Frank Herbert himself. So it is very valid and relevent despite whatever the two cash cows say or do.
  2. As i am obtaining every Dune novel, either through buying or borrowing, i wish to read them all. What is the best order to read them? So far i have read Dune 1 and House Atreides. i think the best format would be : Dune 1-6, then preludes(ATR,HARK,CORR)? and then what order for Legends('Jihads')? by the time i read all these it will probably be almost 1.5 years i guess, depending on the frequency of reading on my part. After i have read these Dune 7 and 8 should be out then(considering how hastily BH/KA write these novels) and i can then read that which is best after i have read all the prev
  3. I was stalking my library(very small and limited resources) for some Frank Herbert or Dune novels when i stumbled across this book. It is SF novel written in 1986 by Frank and Brian. I have yet to read it. I have oly read the blurb and looked at the artwork. Have any of you guys read it?
  4. Far from boring, quite interesting and intruiging. These reason why BH/KA have to repeat everything they way is probably due to the fact that some Dune fans have the attention spans of a 5 year old and need to be reminded of the plot and what is happening in the story.
  5. I just finished reading this book. I thorougly enjoyed it, good stuff. Next book for me to read is Dune Messiah and then i might read another Prelude. I will probably tackle through the boring Jihad stuff after i have read all the other books. By then Dune 7 and 8 will be out and the jihads should help with my understanding of them. I really enjoyed the plot of house atreides and it made me realise the significance of political alliances, secrets, bribes and treachery that exists in Dune. It was most enjoying to read. Here is a plot summary i decided to make to reinforce the main events of t
  6. Ok i think this thread was a bad idea. I didn't want to get people's tempers up but merely wanted a point of view and opinion on the BH/KA partnership of novels. It is sad to think that this partnership is destroying the legacy of the orginal Dune. Looks like they aren't going to stop churning them out anytime soon. I hope they do a good job of Dune 7, they have all Frank's notes and drafts, all they need to do is write something half descent and fathful to the original novels.I guess i will have to read all new the novels before i can make a judgement on the quality of the writing. I think B
  7. I have been reading reviews on amazon and most of them rate the books as "boring, repetitive, unoriginal even a bastardization". Most of you guys here also seem to have a similar attitude and loathsome opinion of these books. The only post F. Herbert i have read is Prelude : House Atredies. I enjoyed the book thoroughly. It answered so many questions of mine that were left open from the other novels. I liked how it was set 20-30 years before the original Dune and you can see how characters such as Duke Leto were evolving and how Arrakis was still in its early days of Western man inhabitance a
  8. Hi guys, I have just recently got into the Dune universe and watched the movie and read the first book. I loved it so much that i am going to continue to collect and read all the Dune novels. I am fascinated by the epicness of it all and the intriguing storylines and characters. I have bought all the originals and have started to read part 2. I have 1 trilogy and 2 preludes. I also play dune 2000 on a regular basis. I have seen an original 1965 Dune book on ebay, complete with hardcover and in good nick, very very rare. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8757090718&
  9. That's a bit harsh isn't it? I have just started reading prelude Atredies and it is very good book and answers so many questions.I can assume the "Legends" explains the Jihad war and thinking machines which is often referred to in the original novels. It might be boring but i don't think that i would ignore it. Brian Herbert has done a good job at keeping dune alive. I guess i will have to read it soon enough...
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