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If you want to get pointed in the right direction.... i would advice that you to do the following:

1.) Buy the 6 basic learning skills.. and learn them

2.) Skill up to a destroyer, preferably caldari.

3.) Learn some basic electronics/engineering/gunnery/missile skills

4.) Go do level 1 missions for an agent named Turppo Futsen, in the solar system Inaro.

5.) When you get the feel for the game and you buy a subscription past the two week trial.. let me know and i will hook you up with 5 million credits and some basic equipment to get you rolling, along with further career advice.


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Btw, I'd like to know something.

There are different attributes, but I don't know just how much they are implemented into the game.

Could you tell me a little bit about, well, basically, what I want much of and what I want little of?

My guy now has:

I: 8

P: 11

C: 3

W: 7

M: 11

Should he be built differently?

I could start over to get a great start.

What about races?

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ok ok great question...  yes there is an uber build right now...its a new bloodline added in caldari ... it is the most efficient min-max build and was implemented by the devs in order to help newer players who want to min-max to try to catch up to the older players.

Go make a caldari character... but make it the asian bloodline.  Then when making the character.. put all your allocated points into intelligence and perception.  Those are the two main attributes.

The hiearchy goes






Basically when you design you character... add like 3 points to perception and 2 to intelligence.  Then when you are choosing your education and ancestry path.. hover your mouse over the tiny brain icon near each square.  It will show you how this selection will affect your attributes. Choose the path that will add 2 to perception and 2 to willpower. Go make a new character and post the attributes here.

If you did it right your character should have a starting perception of 12, intelligience 10, and a charisma of 3.  Your character right now would be good if the memory and intelligence were reversed.  But right now your character is a little backwards.

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oh and the description for each within the hierarchy is:

Perception  - Primary Ships and weapons

Intelligence - Primary Ship Support skills

Memory - Learning skills and Secondary Ship Support Skills

Willpower- Secondary Ships and weapons

Charisma - Agents, Gang bonuses

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My new guy now has:

I: 10

P: 12

C: 3

W: 6

M: 8

Thanks a lot for these hints. I just hate it when I find out late in the game that my time as a newbie spoiled a lot of my potential.

So I should be developing fighting skills? I was wondering... What types of skills do I need to fly kick ass battle ships?

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Thats a perfect build.... did you use the asian caldari?

as far as skills .... well you arent gonna like this.. but you need to maxx out those learning skills first.  Its a proven fact that maxxing out your learning skills will double your learning rate.  Which means in one year you will ahve double the skills points of someone who didnt train them !!.  For instance i got 16.5 million skills points in one year due to the fact i did learning skills first.. and a guy who didnt only got 8 million skill points.

The trick to this is to do your learning like this:

Learn basic Learning to level 1

Learn Basic Memory to level 3

Learn Basic Intelligence to level 3

Learn Basic Learning to level 3

Learn Basic Memory to level 4

Learn Basic Intelligence to level 4

Learn Basic Learning to level 4

Learn Basci Memory to level 5

Learn Advance Memory to level 1-3

Learn Basic Intelligence to level 5

Learn Advanced Intelligence to level 1-3

Learn Advanced Memory to level 4

Learn Advanced Intelligence to level 4

Learn Basic Learning to level 5

Then learn  basic/advanced perception, basic/advanced willpower, and basic/advanced charisma, in that order.

The reason you do it this way is because intellience and memory are the main skills for learning... so they have to be raised first.  But then you will see perception and intelligence takes over from there.

These skills will not be called "Basic Memory or Advanced Memory"  they will have unique names.. you will have to "show info" on the skill books to see which does what.

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part 2...

now you may get the urge to slip in some ship or weapons skills in between the learning chain.

you will want to go for Heavy missiles, Heavy missile launchers, and caldari cruiser.  You will want a caracal cruiser and you want to put 5 heavy missile launchers on that bad boy.  This is the best cruiser for running agent missions.  This will be a stable source of income so that you can save up for your battleship.  It doesnt even have to be a caldari battleship (altho they kick ass) .. in EVE you can fly anything you want... but the reason i am being so directional with you is because i want to teach you how to earn a living.  And agent running in a Caracal is pretty solid.  From there you could even upgrade to a Ferox.

But for now you will have to use a "kestrel" (frigate) with light missile launchers. until you can train up for the aforementioned caracal.  The caracal is the best low level agent killing machine... from there you can upgrade to a ferox to do higher level missions and then from there you can save up cash for a battleship of your choice.  A Caldari battleship will "pwn" higher level  NPC missions even harder...better than any other battleship.... but will deal out less damage in PvP compared to a PvP specialized ship.  There is nothing magical about the PvP specialized ships that make them better... its all about mathematics... and weapon stats... Missiles are better for killing NPCs and Turrets are better for killing real people.  This is due to the fact that People usually fly large battleships which turrets damage easier... whereas NPCs in missions fly frigates and cruisers which missiles damage easier.  The Caldari battleships are missile boats so they pwn NPCs... and The other races's battleships are turret ships which pwn Real Players.  However.... if you specialize in Caldari and max out all skills that pertain to it... it will then become just as good as the other battleships.  It just takes more skill to get there.

And yes there are NPC battleships too.. but they are usually escorted by tons of frigates and cruisers.... so best to have a Caldari battleship in that scenario helping out.

Why do turrets damage bigger ships easier?  Because large turrets have a hard time tracking smaller targets.  Imagine trying to shoot a fast moving humvee with a deck gun on an aircraft carrier.  However missiles track smaller targets (like a tomahawk missile) much easier and usually get a direct hit.  When missiles are used against large ships they do decent/good damage.. but turrets shine when shooting  large ships that move slowly because of their high rate of fire and massive blasts and can get critical wrecking shots.. however if a turret ship gets swarmed by small frigates and cruisers he could be in trouble unless he has a stasis webifier (sorta like tractor beam) to grab them .  Wheras the Caldari battleship wouldnt need a webifier... it could just spit out missiles left and right taking the small craft down very quickly, without having to wait for a webifier lock.

Also all battleships have a drone bay... it opens up and launches smaller fighters that assist you battleship in taking down smaller targets.... (Sorta like TIE fighters emerging from the star destroyers)... However you dont want to solely depend on these for taking down smaller targets as the smaller targets can engage your fighter drones and take them out... its a pretty complex game... but if you atleast get to caldari cruiser first.. you should be able to decide which race's ships you want to specialize in... but you dont have to specialize.. you can be a jack of all ships if you want too.. so dont get too bogged down in what is what... EVE is as free as Oblivion... just like you can be a mage and a warrior in Oblivion... you can fly any ship you want to in EVE.  (I'm just suggesting you go for a caracal early on as it is useful in early agent missions)


p.s. email "Xors" so i know what your character name is Cyborg.

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How much time will this game require of me to be played effectively? You don't have to be very specific, but just give me a basic idea

Do you understand the basic principle of how skills are learned in this game?  Basically the skills train when you are online OR offline... so set long skill trains when you will be away.  If you are going to bed for 8 hours... dont log off with only a 30 minute skill training or you will lose 7.5 hours worth of train time.  Basically you can play at whatever rate you want... put in 1-2 hours, 3-4 hours... or do a marathon on the weekends.. its up to you... but the main thing is that you keep your character constantly training.  So the funny thing is that you may have to make EVE "log in appointments" in your daily planner book, where you simply log on and switch to a different skill once the old one expires.

Thats what is nice about EVE.. you dont have to grind skills... the only thing that has to be "grinded" in this game is cash.  Skillpoints will constantly download into your head so long as a book is plugged in (like the matrix) but cash wont automatically flow into your wallet.  YOu have to earn it as a reward, kill something and get a bounty , or sell something (loot from your kills or ore that you mined).

Thats alot nicer than most games where you have to grind for skills AND cash.

After writing all of that i just realized that you were probably just asking how long it would take before you could get into a battleship with killer gear..... well it will take about 6-8 months to be "good" and about 1.5 years to 2 years to be a "perfect" battleship pilot.  But really it is all relative... i mean.. EVE is a game that you can never finish... there will always be some higher level skill you can train or something.. and even if you specialize hardcore and maxx out one type of battleship.... thats just one type of battleship you mastered and there is plenty more...each with its own strengths and weaknesses... not only that but battleships are not the only effective ships... there are HAC's (Heavy Assault Cruisers) which are vicious special cruisers so tweaked out and heavily armored that they can rival a battleship in the hands of a good pilot.


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Ok, I have some more questions.

I got an implant with +1 intelligence to it.

Do I want to use it, or do I want to sell it for 600 000 to 850 000?

I mean, it's worth a lot of money at this point in the game.

Another thing... What kind of missiles do I want to use with my freighter?

I know "light missiles," but there are plenty of them, varying in price and effectiveness...

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I'm raising money to purchase the initial packet. Then, I can roam the stars again :D. If I have time for that though. My schedule has been very busy lately. :(

Have I heard that you can pay your account with game credits??? I mean with in-game money???

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You numbskull.... that review is 3 years old !!! Thats when the game first came out with no patches, no content, and no additions.

Check the time stamp on the review submission.  "Posted Jun 13, 2003"

That review is obsolete and unrepresentative.

If you find a current review from 2005 you will see that EVE won

-Best PvP

-Best Graphics

-Best MMO

and was called game of the year.

Please demonstrate an inkling of intelligence other than banging the word EVE into google.


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Those reviews are such crap...I don't know anyone that guages and buys a game based on those silly polls. Anyone with half a brain would get a game based on what others they know say about it good or bad. Not go for a crap-shoot because website x said it was a 10.0.

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Oh, cool - a whole bunch of EVE lovers.

I used to watch my mates play it all the time, so when I got a free trial off of one of them - now I'm waiting for my online account to get some cash into it so I can continue to play EVE.

BTW, anyone here know of a good corporation around the Tash-Murkon area in EVE?

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Ok, sprry for being so absent the last months...

Err... Gun, you were saying you can pay your game with in-game money?

Well... more details please... :D

How many credits mean how much?

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Actually if you get a 1 year subscription its only $11 dollars ... the cheapest MMO out there.

I think Dawiduh is asking because he doesnt have any form of credit card or bank account... and so he would have to pay with time cards bought with isk. 

If money truly isnt a problem you could pay me with a money order and i would give you time cards.  Becuz it would be very hard for a new player like yourself to raise 90 million a month just to pay your subscription.  Altho with a 2 year old character like mine it would be easy. But like i said i would buy game cards for you if you sent me the money as i can buy them off the website with my credit card.  It could be a perfect trade for trade where you only have to send the exact amount of the cards...because i wouldnt have to spend any of my money to mail you anything back... i would just have to email you the codes off the cards.  I'd hate to see someone not be able to enjoy this awesome game due to something as lame as billing issues.  So i'll help you out if need be.


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