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Dune special edition DVD


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hey ppl, yesterday i bought the Dune movie on DVD, and i had never seen the movie, and was suprised that the special effects weren't that bad, well they are crap but good for the 80s or wheneva it was made. The dvd comes with the movie, development notes about the making of the movie, character info, actor biographies, and a thew other things that i can't remember  ;) . So if u haven't seen the movie, or wanna get it on DVD get it caus it's awesome!

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Farscape is a frelling good show. its about a asternaught who is testing a new sling shot afect around the earth in his space ships when he gets sucked into a worm whole. he was picked up on a ship of...........ordos 45 u want to take over i got some x-box playing to do.

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