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Hereby i present you with a demo of D2TM in its current state. Freshly compiled and able to play missions.

Since this is not finished, i urge you to read the controls.txt file.


- unzip and run D2TM.EXE or D2TM - WINDOWED.EXE

Basicly you have 2 options:

- follow menu structure: -> Choose house, read mission briefing and get the quota. You will then be launched to the next mission (no scenario choosing), where you have to get 2700 bucks. This will repeat itself a few times until you get with the trikes/quads mission. (read below for more information)

- you press F1, get a random team and mission and play.

Why you can't select a mission:

Simply because it is not put in yet, the mission counter gets increased and therefor you play SCEN<team><mission>.ini. And since mission 2 has 3 scenario files (scenx002, 003, 004) you will play 4 times a quota mission before actually getting to a combat mission.

Consider this version to play around, you build a base, destroy the enemy, you can even cheat. This version is for bug testing, but i think you can actually have some fun too. Also, i'd like to hear some comments on the visual aspect ofcourse, the d2tm-team provided all the gfx and they did a very good job!

It IS possible to install an mp3 add-on, but i will NOT upload it yet. Once its nearing completion i will. If you don't mind i don't feel like uploading 50 MB orso a few times... ;)

Have fun and feedback is surely welcome

LINK: http://arrakis.dune2k.com/downloads/D2TM-DEMO1.ZIP


Hereby a list what it is capable of, and not capable of:


- build a base

- move units

- attack units

- enemy units return fire and are on guard, so don't get too close

- enemy ai harvests money

- upgrade

- order from starport (no limit on how much you can order)

- show briefings

- main menu -> select house -> house description (original!) -> briefing -> mission

- show a few (2 or 3) animations with mentat.


- challange you, ie, there is no AI player who builds units and attacks you.

- "Select your next conquest"

- give you all briefings

- make you lose, there is no win/lose condition when everything is destroyed. Therefor YOU cannot win when you destroy the enemy, nor you can lose when the enemy destroys you.

- worm ai, they just sit there. Enemy AI does attack worms though.

- not all Ordos missions work yet, missing seed files...

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First mission. My units attacked my harvestor when I told them to attack an enemy infantry that was next to my harvestor.

Runs pretty smoothly in windowed mode.

Umm, how do you exit the program?

lol, never seen that before. ;)

Ow, what about the ESC key? :D

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Health bars remain at the top as long as your screen is able to view the X-coordinate that the health is on.. get it?

I can't scroll when I'm trying to place a building. Scrolls too fast too :-

But all in all, pretty good. I would be glad to play against an AI that challenges me ;)

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The health bar thing was intentionally built in. Since this way you still know the condition of your selected units , even when you do not really see them. But, i also must say it looks odd.

The scrolling is fps based, so you probably have a lot of fps! :D, should be timer based ofcourse, but still has yet to be coded.

I blocked scrolling when placing a structure, as a temporary 'fix' for not timer based scrolling.

@ andrew: The ESC key works for fullscreen too ofcourse ;) The only thing different between those exe files is 'windowed mode yes/no' ;)

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First of all I would like to say how fantastic the Demoversion already is. I'm still ardent.  :)

I played the Demoversion and made some experiences:

- My harvester should drive over an enemy footsoldier, but he didn't

- I couldn't say to my harvester: harvest at this place, not move to it

- The infobar at the top come and goes, I like it when it always there

- I don't know if this is only now so: the time to building anything is very short. Even the construction is build, the money still counting down.

- When I can't build (cause of less money) anything, I missed an "blik"-sound

- If I select one unit and move my mousepointer over another unit, this one would not be able to mark, my unit want go to the place the other standing.

- In the current state of debugging, need I an "show all"-shortcut, so my units hadn't to explore everything over and over again

- I can't select a group and at the same time scrolling (to get more units into the frame)

- Sometimes, the selecting of units don't work (unit will not selected)

- When I say, a unit should move at the place where an sandworm is, it move to it. But then I couldn't selct my unit again, only the sandworm.

Also I have some questions:

- Why showing the complete build-hirachy-menue at the right side ?

- Why new gfx ? (I like the old 8bit (?) style. Please make an menue-option in which everyone can change his personal gfx-set)

- Why can I scroll right only at the completly right position at the screen ?

There are some things, I think which can be improved:

- An helping information onto the currently infobar (see above) will be good (especially when moving over some bars)

- Diffrent mouse-types: When I say my harvester should move back to its refinery, the mouse should

- A selected group: I can't say where to move in the map-screen (in Dune 2 was this possible !)

- In Dune 2:  If you lost your last harvester you getting a new one, plase implement this feature again


- Diffrent mouse-types: When I say my harvester should move back to its refinery, the mouse should change

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I have read your post Elec, and you have some good points. I will only however reply on your questions more concrete:

Also I have some questions:

- Why showing the complete build-hirachy-menue at the right side ?

- Why new gfx ? (I like the old 8bit (?) style. Please make an menue-option in which everyone can change his personal gfx-set)

- Why can I scroll right only at the completly right position at the screen ?

I don't know what you mean exactly with the first question. All buttons are visible, simply because i want the user to be fimiliar with it all the time. Knowing that buttons can be pressed when they get colored. Perhaps 'appearing' the button makes it more logical, but i have choosen for this visual aspect. I also found the sidebar pretty empty if i did not put buttons in it ;)

The new gfx are because i wanted to enhance them, but keep the 8bit feel. I do plan to release an 'old gfx pack'.

For scrolling, its common sense these days that the borders of the screen determine directions of scrolling. Therefor i do not take the actual 'board borders'. I also see problems with this when moving around with the mouse and accidently scrolling right and such.

Any other feature you requested is either not implemented, or not fixed yet. The intention is to get as close to dune 2, so do not worry about 'harvester dead, get a new one' features ;)

Thanks for trying out this demo, i am glad you like it!  I hope the next version will be even better and enjoyable!

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Hi, not really been here before so dont know if this is a new point, but I just tried this demo (loved it by the way) but found that i can target enemies that I cant see (waving the cursor over the black area it turns red when an enemy is under it) sorry if this is supposed to happen, just thought I'd mention it

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Good Framerate and I'm very impressed by its nice look.

The smoothed graphics combined with the very nice looking menu is looking awsome ingame.

Even with the whole screen full of moving units (in windowed mode) it stays at 75 FPS. Max FPS 120.

As most of the game seemed brilliant I'm making a small list of "not so brilliant things":

Ornies are controllable (you can move them into the screen and then they disappear) (as they probably are meant to disappear after they've moved off the screen).

At one of the 1st missions I was not able to build a refinary (guess It's quite difficult to solve this one) :P

The worm is not moving around (don't know if its supposed to).

Text Bug: "Do you want to join House" instead of "Do you want to join House Harkonnen" etc.

Ideas for future improvement:

You can have a settings switch for graphic detail. High (using the new images) and Low (using the old images). The high and low detail "names" is a bit retro and then every dune fan will feel the good old D2 feeling.

MP3 or OGG Music support or if supported, instructions for use.

Resolution settings and support for Widescreen resolutions (center the picture and paint some graphics or black at the sides as D2 looks very streeeeeeeched at my 32" Wide monitor :P).

Keep up the good work.

Remember that I've got some server space ( 1GB @ VidiWare.Com (ISP) and Unlimited Storage @ Waagbo.com (Home@0.75Mbit upload) if you need anything hosted. Both servers should be up. Waagbo.com is soon fully configured, It will at least stay on between 7am. and 12pm. CET.

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Thanks for the nice feedback! :D

Currently there is no scalability for this game yet, perhaps i will code it in, but its of no priority.

MP3 support is already built in, but i need space for the package(s)... Since you have some space, we should talk! :D I have the MT32 mp3 add-on package ready to upload (perhaps send me an e-mail with instructions?, would really appreciate that! :)).

I am aware of the text bug ;)

Which house and mission was the refinery 'bug'? I mostly test Atreides.

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i've spent a few minutes on the game source and did this:


CHANGELOG: (current -> old)


0.6 - DEMO 1



- Palette bug when going from mission to mentat again. (Atreides book was blue


- Loading a new scenario will remove now the old icon list and refresh it (ie, you

  can no longer build advanced stuff in a new mission. The tech-tree is restarted)

- Ability to attack non-visible units/structures.


- Scrolling is now timer based, not fps based.

- Scrolling is now also possible when placing a structure.

- Health bar of units do not stay on the top.



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