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  1. Elec


    Hey Stefan, congratulation for your new job. I hope Dune 2 TM will not been forgetten, just sleeping, how you said. So, I visit this place regulary.
  2. Even more files to Demo2 ... [attachment deleted by Gobalopper]
  3. Here more files to Demo2 ... [attachment deleted by Gobalopper]
  4. Here the files to Demo2 ... [attachment deleted by Gobalopper]
  5. Hello, I just want add something to the Demo2, so please excuse my post in this topic. ;) You've done a great job. :) I played the Demo2 and I like it really. :) But for further improvement I will list some bugs I found: 1. If I have clicked on a unit and will then place a completed struckture, the mouse-cursor will being like in "move"-mode. 2. Some buildings (like refinery) weren't finished after the money has counted down and sound were already changed back (no more click-click-click-click-...). 3. It's impossible to start to create a building when I have less money than it will cost. 4. T
  6. Well, with Partition Magic is this still possible (and even more).
  7. Thanks alot, it works perfectly with DosBox (when you config it right).
  8. Hi, I have also trouble with Dune 2 under Windows XP: I can start the game and having no Sound, but Speech on Soundcard. But If I want to have the real Sound an Speech on soundcard. The game wont start. Maybe this depends on the EMM or HiMem ?
  9. I make three screenshot to showing what I mean. Please look at the attached file. [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  10. First of all I would like to say how fantastic the Demoversion already is. I'm still ardent. :) I played the Demoversion and made some experiences: - My harvester should drive over an enemy footsoldier, but he didn't - I couldn't say to my harvester: harvest at this place, not move to it - The infobar at the top come and goes, I like it when it always there - I don't know if this is only now so: the time to building anything is very short. Even the construction is build, the money still counting down. - When I can't build (cause of less money) anything, I missed an "blik"-sound - If I select
  11. Hello, I read the Roadmap with ardor. So, I will make some comments to the facts, that were discussed some months ago. @Dawiduh: Night: I think day-night-sequences sounding good, but it's hard to play this way. Some years ago, C&C3-Tiberian Sun and Earth2150 also would implemant this. At C&C3-Tiberian Sun but it's completly taken out, at Earth 2150 it's so realized that toward night the colors getting more darker, toward day, the colors getting more brighter. But floodlight projectors, lamps and so on weren't realiszed as it should be. @Dawiduh: Fatigue indicators, morale at troopers:
  12. Hello to all, first of all, I had to thank Stafan for his game and the guys who provide this forum. Stefan makes me a dream come true. I still remeber, alot of years ago, I played Dune II - The Battle for Arrakis and I get facinated by it. I played it over and over again. In my mind, I was creating a follower and started to read Gamemagazines and collecting facts. An unit here, a terrain there, an menue of one game, the handlingconcept of an other game. So I get a quite vision of the follower. My collection isn't big but well-sorted. So, an real follower doesn't exist until today (I feel Dune
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