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Electric shavers


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I ended up getting a little $20 Remington trimmer.  it's got a foil shaver attachment, so I'll try that one out, and if I like it, I'll consider getting something better.  If nothing else, the trimmer is still good for my sideburns and nech, which is getting a bit scraggly.  It's an investment, too; when I get old, I can use it to clip my nose and ears!

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Scissors are the best. But I use Mach3: to consume less time, shave each few days.

Besides, can electric raisors cut longer beards?

Yes they can, but they can pull a few hairs instead of cutting. Or maybe its my cheapy one after all these years :P

Either way, dont let it get long, or use Mach3 if you do.

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haha erjin. I shaved once without cream or water, it was intense. But I got over it. Nowadays I shave two birds with one stone and just shave in the shower with only hot water. It's easy, no afterburn, and I get smooth as hell.

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