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Dune2 music


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this one?

[hawkeye@terror ~]$ ls /home/pub/digital hardcore & metal etc./Soundtrack - Dune/

01. Prologue.mp3    04. Leto's Theme.mp3                    07. Trip To Arrakis.mp3  10. Dune (Desert Theme).mp3    13. Paul Takes The Water Of Life.mp3  16. Riding the Sandworm.mp3

02. Main Title.mp3  05. The Box.mp3                        08. First Attack.mp3    11. Paul Meets Chani.mp3        14. Big Battle.mp3

03. Robot Fight.mp3  06. The Floating Fat Man (The Baro.mp3  09. Prophecy Theme.mp3  12. Prelude (Take My Hand).mp3  15. Paul Kills Feyd.mp3

if you don't have the whole album, you can get it from me..

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Norwegian copyright laws permit us to create new art pieces inspired by old ones (that legalises the 32x32 texture at least in Norway). Mixed music (MT32 and Yamaha PSR 3000) can be found at my page www.vidiware.com under Dune 2. As EA probably only owns the right of the game as a complete "artwork" they can't mess with the music. Thats Frank Klepackis copyrighted material (does someone know this guy?)!

Warcraft II is still sold. Thats the reason Blizzard cared about freecraft. I bet the old Westwood people are glad to see their art (graphics and music) is still in use, no matter what EA says.

And YES there is thing such as abandonware (software that has been abandoned by the author/copyright holder), and Dune 2 IS abandonware no matter what EA says. But abandonware is not nessecary legal!

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Norwegian copyright laws do NOT permit for you to make modifications to copyrighted material and redistribute it.

It doesn't even permit you to redistribute the original copyrighted material without modifications.

What it DOES permit is for you to create your own personal copies for backup.

So none of these mods, games (or whatever you call it) are legal in Norway neither..

Those who have permission to do so are the copyright holders, whether this is EA(or at that time Westwood Studios) or Frank Klepacki

(my assumption is that these probably belong to EA now, as Frank Klepacki probably made this stuff paid by Westwood at that time).

Further discussions about this topic probably won't lead anywhere as none of us have any ownership or anything related to the copyrights

of these artworks..

For those of you who are still uncertain about what "abandonware" means, check out Wikipedia's page about this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abandonware

(Abandonware is *NOT* automatically in public domain..)

And last, if you do wanna get involved with a dune2 clone that doesn't break any copyrights, check out Dune Legacy - http://dunelegacy.sourceforge.net.net ;)


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Strictly spoke the site is hosted in Denmark. But that should be no problem. I'm norwegian and as long as I'm not a member of EU and norway has a liberal copyright law (and I'm protected by Norwegian law as long as I stay in Norway), I'm not worried.

As long as the graphics is enchanted by us it's not a problem (new artwork, they may sue us for plagiarism, but thats not likley). And it should be fully legal to make a new MT32 "remix" of Klepacki's old music (wich EA cannot touch) :)

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Sounds like a good idea, but will probably not be very welcome (as most of us hate copyprotections)

Why not have a legal disclaimer not with a I Agree button like the MAME project.

btw. dvalin. Are you norwegian? That post was somewhat provoking. The new 32x32 graphics is a "translation/editation" of the old graphics! This means that WE should be the copyrightholders of the new graphics! As I made some of the buildings (multiple authours) they're now protected by Norwegian copyright law! :)

The ini files from mods (CnC games) are copyrighted like books. Wich means that if you "translate it" or use it as an inspiration for a new ini file the mod is completly yours.

"Den som oversetter eller bearbeider et

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Just use "Desert" in it and it should be fine.

But come on... "Dune" is a perfect ordinary word. Do they have to pay EA or Dino de Lauretiis money if they write DUNE on maps? Or if they use it in a title of a mouvie? As long as it does not imply Franck Herbert's Dune it should be all-right.

But you are making a MOD to a game inspired by FH's DUNE. Therefore it is obvious.

But as long as I am concerned it is not illegal to make MODS.

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Are we talking about the same thing?

D2TM is not a mod. I don't know who does make a mod? Mods themselves are not illegal, depending on the subject ofcourse. Ie, if i create a Dune mod for HL1, i do have a problem with entitling it as "Dune" , but apart from that i don't think it will make much of a difference.

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I was talking in general...

I really don't know under what cattegory would your project be classefied...

If you're worried about the GFX, if it's legal... you might talk to the guy that made it for Dune2 and ask for the rights to use the GFX. I mean, if the producer company no longer exists... he is the most entitled to the rights over the GFX. The same for the music and other stuff...

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The simple facts so far:

EA owns the game Dune 2, including rights to use source code, music, graphics etc. (They hates us all  ::))

The Dune universe is copyrighted by The Herbert Limited Partnership. But we won't get permission to use the universe, I asked a general copyright question and got this reply:

Dear Vidar,

Unfortunately we cannot allow the use of the Dune name for any computer games at the moment. Currently there are games at various stages of development that might conflict with what you'd like to do. Sorry.

The Music is copyrighted by Frank Klepacki not EA (As the original authour, in most cases are able to publish his work). (I've asked him but never been answered).

Norwegian copyright laws MAY permit us to create new music and graphics looking veeery close to the origial (like the 32x32) where we are the copyright holders. The same comes to music (if recording from SC55-files to MP3-files counts as translation). Sending mails to lawyers and organizations.

But I think the best is to make a backup solution with a complete freeware version so the game still can be used if EA starts the "Battle for Arrakis" :P

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Assumptions built on ideas of 'understanding' assail us from all sides. Such assumptions place a faith in words stronger than that promoted by the organized religions. It is a faith seldom questioned. The very act of saying that things exist which cannot be described shakes a universe where words and the systems for sharing and transmitting them are the ultimate god. (p. 7)


EDIT: Uh oh. So that the moderators don't consider this thread going offtopic, I'll say something more to the point. Well, I guess all we have is to operate under these insecure conditions and hope that no authority ever bumps into our projects with a stupid idea to cleanse the world of all those who have the slightest inclination to violate the law.

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