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Dune Humour - Funny drawings, and pictured jokes


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Coming soon, straight from ME! Today I shall finish colouring my drawings, and then upload'em here. Hope y'shall enjoy'em!

A little prelude:

My drawing shall consist 6 pictures, and titled: Bloopers of Dune. They're equally from the movie and the Dune 2000 game.

More 6 pictures will be drawn after the upload. So get ready!  ;D

(You're also welcomed to put your funny drawings, jokes or bloopers here)

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So here are they!

Sorry for the low quality. I don't have a scanner, and must replace it with a digital camera. I'll try to put them to scanner and make'em sharper. But till that, here are the pictures:

Some comments:

Dune01: The sign says: CANNOT BUILD HERE

Dune02: No comment

Dune03: The red triangle tells all...

Dune04: Kimi R

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Just go ahead, Spac :) I would like to see more Dune bloopers and funny pictures :)

I'm glad you like'em! Just stay tuned! More on their way:

Dune07: Roots of war

Dune08: Education

Dune09-10-11: Barom Harkonnen ("Barom" means "idiot" in Hungarian)

Dune12: Behind the dunes...

And much much more fun! :)

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Nahhh, the problem is that I don't have scanner, so I was forced to make digital photos of my drawings. But don't ya worry, as soon as I find a scanner, I shall make a FAR more precise and sharp picture, and upload it to Putfile.

Hunour was a young man in a very early Hungarian legend :) Humour is "humor" in Hungarian :) I witnessed and fixed the mis-typing. Must be something I ate I guess  ;)

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Hi, I imagined DUNE as a musical so here is:



I am Irulan, Princess of the Universe;

I love Paul Atreides, but he's my curse!

Plotting against him I hope for attention,

Now meet my cohorts who I will not mention:


I'm Edric, a mutant guy in a tank;

I've got a lot of spice in the bank

Really I've got nothing in common with them

But I really would like to get rid of the Fremen:


I dress like a witch and I will cackle

When we put Paul Atreides into his shackles!

then after I kill him I'll make sure we breed

A kwisatz haderach that we really need!


I'm the shapechanger in this bunch

The traitor who'll eat them all for lunch

I'm totally metaphysically detached,

And the last one Paul will catch!

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I know, I'm quite bad at drawing (however, I draw a bit better than some guys seen in the Fan Art section), but since these are humour drawings, there is absolutely no need for them to look "realistic".

The farting guy is just allright. Try that position: lean forward,and turn your head to the left. It's not that hard :)

I've got a scanner nowadays. Now the next series of humourous Dune drawings' quality will be MUCH better.

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Evry'thin' is great! I fixed my network problems, and then I sank into Dune 2000 once again. I made 2 new maps (Cielago Basin, and Wind Gulch), now I'm creatin' a brand new one (Splint rock). I'm lookin' for something "undocumented", like the Free harvesters trick, the cheaper Sardaukar trick,and the playin'-your-maps-without-activatin' trick. Something, which everyone missed, but still can be important. Shiroko might be proud of me :)

Anywayz, I'm preparin' my next 6 drawings of Dune Humour among two battles. I'm really getting bored wit' the computer AI, it's so dumb and so easy to defeat. I always play XXL maps wit' the maximum opponent, Hard skill level, worms "high" and stuff, but it's still very easy to beat the practice AI. Man, I'm good  ;D

Maybe you could tell me how can I make a screenshot of Dune 2000? There is some funny situations which I would like to represent here.

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Thank you! It actually worked!

I'm finished wit' my newest map called "Splint rock" (it's a location on Dune alright). If you think, original skirmish maps were hard, then you're in BIIIIG trouble! This map ROCKS! It's so hard and complicated, woe to be a hero to conquer the Splint rock! Only the toughest warriors can stand the fight there :)

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