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Your questions for Kevin J. Anderson


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ok, questions huh?  

1. Do you plan to write any Star Wars novels anytime soon?

2. What is your most favorite moment while working on the Dune Novels?

3. How would you describe the process by which you and Mr. Herbert decide what to edit out and put into the Dune Novels?

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1. How difficult was it to write prequels for such a series like Dune?

2. What types of problems whether with the story or characters did you encounter trying to make the prequels all fit within the story that Frank Herbert began?

3. What character(s) and House(s) are your favorite(s)?

4. There has been much comparision between Star Wars and Dune among fans of both. In your own opinion how do you compare the two if you ever compared them all?

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You may or may not have noticed but in the books preceeding Dune there is a much lesser emphasis on "Religion" then in the original Frank Herbert novels, while "Technology" is given greater importance. I was postulating as to whether this was a conscious decision by the authors i.e. Pre-Jihad...decadence of the Imperium...rapidly enroaching chaos...and then the messiah Paul Mad'dib Atreides...bringing stabilty in the form of his Fremen legions and bringing religion to the forefront...or whether it was just a result of the authors wishing to focus on the technology of Dune...

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can we ask him NOT to write any more DUNE books?

im sorry, but his other books really do not deserve any more attention than fan fiction.

By all means write more books, but if it HAS to be DUNE, please take a little more time and dont dumb em down so much.

I know this may be..... well not viewed as a nice post, but dont fix what aint broken.



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There was a delay in the sendng of them, they didn't gt sent for about another month due to school projects and hotmail not being very nice to me, however I have been told that Anderson will be answering them as soon as he can, but he is currently on vacaton.

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