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Factions 2


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Carth watched the flames go up on the Pyre.

"A very... old... way of burial... heathen even..." Carth noticed while watching the hge fire.

After the ceremony he headed directly towards the Guild Bank to make sure his accounts were in order, and then he went to the CHOAM office. The transaction went well... The Imperial Outpost Facility went into Carth's posession for the right ammount of money. But it was all legal. This time it was legal.

"Now it's ime to ask for a favor." Carth whispered to himself while rushing in his car towards the Trebesian palace.

"Better to talk to Alexandr. Atilian might be suffering. A lot. I might also speak to him, to comfort him... but I have to speak to Alexandr..." CArth miled to himself.

When he reached the palace the guards recongnised him on spot and gave the all-clear.

Aftera brief moment he was looking for Alexandr.

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Dawn on Athalon IV. Five ships drop through the atmosphere, transmitting pass codes as they drop. The ships bear Richesian markings. They land at the Catrione spaceport.


"So, you came.", Rachael said. "Build your embassy in the Industrial sector." "It's not just an embassy, it's a production facility as well.", Ranio said. "And you are?" "Ranio Richese, commander of the Richesian Secpol." "Very well. You may start building. But you will have to wait for confirmation for the production facility."  "Thank you. Any requests that you have can be addressed by me or my staff." "Fine, fine. I will ask my lady about the production facility." "Good. Well, I better get on with my work then..."


On Richese, the clampdown begins. All people are to work in newly created slave pits. Except a select few. They are the Derakan, the Secpol, the military, the Demaniacs and the Messeca. The Demaniacs are the military and social elite. They are the greatest minds on Richese. And there are not many. The Messeca are the assasins. They are experts. They also run the slave pits.


"My lord Count, the stealth research is not going well. But from our research, we have found that with some altering, the research could be used to develop a new type of contruction material. It would be absolutely undetectable, but would not be able to be used on aircraft or people. This would cause extreme sickness and engine malfunctions. But otherwise, it would be completly safe.", a Richesian technician told Averion. "You have done well. Continue with the reseach."

Secpol - 482

Derakan - 3

Demaniacs - 16

Messeca - 14, including the Derakan

Lasguns - Complete

Swords(2000) - Complete

Stealth Research - 65% at 5% per post

Napalm bombs(10,000) - Complete

'Havoc' ornithopters(100) - 80% at 10% per post

OOC: By the way, a legion contains nearly 30,000 men, or ten brigades

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OOC: Beowulf. You are beginning to remind me more and more of Dante.  ;D

Rounding a corner, Noitpo accidently crashed into a a Guard. She apologized and continued on her way. No one seemed to know what to make of the Mentat, The Trebesians not having had the services of one in generations. Still, she was there to do what she could. Finally arriving at the medical wing, she was taken aback by the sight. There were several Doctors, four or more Nokkers, including Qapmoq, Carth Dinsdar and Aleksandr all standing around the dismembered corpse of one of the most hideous creatures she had ever seen. A Face Dancer.

"Mentat, what do you make of this?" Qapmoq said, noticing her entrance. The group of men all turned to her in attention.

"Specify the question." She replied. Qapmoq ground his teeth. Aleksandr, having had experiance with Mentats, stepped forward and asked "Who do you believe would have a reason to do this. Give us names." The Mentat's face took a serious look. "The most probable suspects would be The Lady Ekaterina and House Moratini, The House Corrino and the Emperor and possibly the Freman. However, the Freman being devoid of such technology as the projector, are eliminated. Leaving the first two." Aleksandr nodded and turned back to the military men and the Doctors.

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I'm getting out of this thread. I found myself with a 3/4 a page response but it never got finished, and I don't have the time to continue this by any normal strech. Homework is taking up too much of my time. Sorry everyone, I try not to seem like this figurehead who's only there because long ago he mattered; I actually really tried this time to get back on a constant level, sorry to disappoint you all.

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This is not going to work then. There is no way in hell the Trebesians and Ixians can defeat House Corrino, Moratini and Richese. The scales have been tipped... Rediculously.

That's not true. There is a way. Treachery or me quitting. But with the way you're recruiting, you should be fine. ::)

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Whats THAT supposed to mean. A short surge in joining amounting to a gain of roughly 60,000 is not that huge. And when I'm facing two House Major and the Imperials... I think I'm in a siuation warrenting such actions. Besides, need I remind you of the impossible figures you were so fond of throwing at us in Arrakis Faction? Hmm? At least MY numbers are plausible.

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It happens every time. Every. Single. Time. I go away for even a few days, and everything goes to pot. Honestly... On the subject though, this is Dante, coming to you semi-live from the wonderful campus of Stirling University. With a connection that refuses to allow peer-to-peer applications, grr...

Anyway, now that I'm back perhaps we can get a little more done. If the thread survives, that is.

Aleksandr looked down at the reddish cell goo, lying in a sad little puddle on the autopsy table. Someone had half-heartedly stuck a scalpel in the centre, where it stuck out like a tree in a lake. Tleilaxu preparation having kicked in almost at the moment of death, the ex-face dancer was now little more than a messy heap of fractured cell tissue.

'An impressive method to avoid study of an intact corpse. Can't have the Bene Tleilax losing their secrets so easily...' He thought to himself, inhaling slightly to check for residual chemical traces. 'I wonder, what gave you away? Vail was truly a master at his craft; surely he wouldn't have been taken down so easily.'

"It is true that Ekaterina has- had a Face Dancer in her employ." Aleksandr said, almost to himself. He immediately drew the attention of the Mentat and the Duke, however, who both turned to face him. "His name was Vail. He was an expert. A brilliant mimic and deadly swordsman."

"I require a report of how the individual was apprehended." The woman, Noitpo, stated flatly. A guard stepped forward and saluted. At a nod from his Duke, the man stood at ease, and related his report.

"Object wore the shape of an aged male." He said with contempt. "Object was apprehended, but gave satisfactory explanation for his behaviour and vocal patterns. Object was released, but new infomation by radio indicated presence of spy. Object did not attempt to flee, but attacked immediately. Killed one guard with a swipe to the throat, stole weapon and fired at this soldier. Once parried, object was floored by a single kick to the chest. Object proved unable to escape, and was dismembered prior to suicide by poison." He saluted again, and stepped back at a nod from the Duke.

"Conclusion, mentat?" Atilian asked. The woman shook her head.

"I require more data." She repeated. "What behaviour and vocal pattern required explanation?"

"Well, he wasn't at the funeral." The same guard shifted uneasily. "That's why we stopped him. And he didn't have an Arrakis accent." He added.

"Hmm." The mentat pursed her lips. "Lord Aleksandr, please relate any and all infomation concerning 'Vail,' and any personal conclusions that you have drawn."

"Just 'Aleksandr,' please Noitpo." Aleksandr said gently. "Vail. Vail... Well, he prefered to wear the shape of a man of medium height, with dark hair to about neck level. He could, however, take on almost any shape that he chose. I have seen him shift from a perfect rendition of the Baron Harkonnen, complete with voice and flab, to imitate perfectly a slim, teenage female. He could speak several languages with many different regional variations, so I don't know why he wouldn't have had an Arrakeen accent. He was purchased for Ekaterina by our father, a birthday present on her twnenty-first year. I don't know exactly how many solaris exchanged hands, but I am informed that Vail was one of the costliest purchases that House Moritani has ever made for a private reason. Frankly I am baffled that he could be overcome so easily. Also, I don't know of any other face dancer's in House Moritani's employ, though it was rumoured that my father kept one as an assassin."

"Assuming the accuracy of all descriptions, the conclusion is that the deceased face dancer was not 'Vail.'" Noitpo shrugged. "This decision is, however, based on assumption and should therefore not be regarded as fact. The identity of the employer, therefore, is open to speculation. If this was not Vail, then the following conclusion is either that the Lady Ekaterina possessed another face dancer, or that a different person entirely is to blame. ... I would much prefer it if I had more reliable data to use than eyewitness accounts." She added. "Data recordings, behavioural records, none of these are available to me. I dislike basing my conclusions on data that may be inaccurate."

"But taking it as truth that Vail was as Aleksandr described, and that the apprehension of the face dancer went as in the report, what are your calculations?" Atilian asked impatiently. Noitpo closed her eyes for a moment.

"Assuming complete accuracy of all data," she looked up, "conclusion is that the face dancer in question was not Vail, and was in the employ of another agent. Considering the expense and possible motives, the most likely employers are the Emperor Corrino and the Baron Harkonnen. Lesser conclusions include the possession of a face dancer by Viscount Moritani, or that the face dancer Vail was caught off guard, or otherwise debilitated when he was accosted."

"So you're saying that it wasn't Ekaterina?" Atilian asked with a frown.

"It is possible that the Lady Ekaterina had in her possession another face dancer;" Noitpo said carefully, "but given the data at hand, it is more likely that she is uninvolved, at least directly."

"Having said that, we don't have all the data." Aleksandr added before Atilian could complain. "It's possible that my sister could have hired another face dancer. But given that she had Vail, one of the best, I don't see why she would want another."

"The Emperor, then? Recent news indicates that he has attempted to reverse the Ixian embargo on House Moritani." Atilian said darkly.

"That doesn't indicate that his politican alliegences are shifting." Aleksandr shrugged. "After all, Hundro has a good case if he appeals to fairness rather than profit. Unlike Ekaterina, he is capable of delicacy when required."

* * *

"In yo' face! In yo' face!" The Viscount grinned at a poor portrait of Relnev, the Ixian leader. He had been throwing darts at it all afternoon, and the holes were beginning to show. Next to it was a portrait of Ekaterina, with slightly fewer holes.

"Ahh, that'll teach you two to mess with my House. Let it be known!" He shouted, "House Moritani is a power to be reckoned with!"

[side note: My connection here is... tempremental. I'm having great difficulty getting even this post to work. Rest assured however, that if I cannot get it fixed (and I will try), I will busy myself making life a living hell for those who are responsible. :)

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Whats THAT supposed to mean. A short surge in joining amounting to a gain of roughly 60,000 is not that huge. And when I'm facing two House Major and the Imperials... I think I'm in a siuation warrenting such actions. Besides, need I remind you of the impossible figures you were so fond of throwing at us in Arrakis Faction? Hmm? At least MY numbers are plausible.

Riiight. Sure about that?(HINT: Look at the words in bold) So far, you've added 75,000 men to your military in Factions 2. So I'm not counting the numbers that you recruited in Arrakis Factions. And, since I had never participated in a Fanfic before, your statement was hardly fair. I suppose you would be talking about the statistics on page 5? Yes, you must have been, because there was no other unreasonable posts in that topic. And in relation to this:

There is no way in hell the Trebesians and Ixians can defeat House Corrino, Moratini and Richese.

,let me remind you the the Richese are suppliers and do not have a large military force.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Bloody hell, since it appears that everyone else has died, I will post.

"Yes, as I was saying... I have purchased Gehay, a large moon over planet Ratah II in the Ratah system. What I need is Transport there. I have expended massive amounts of Solaris into the venture and am currently in no posistion to aqquire the ships neccisary myself. Your House, with it's 2,000+ Armada should have no trouble expending some for the movement of myself and my people." Said Carth.

Shuffling some papers, the drawn looking young Duke replied "We can indeed transport your Organization. However, friend, I will require a few things in return. What I need is a formal Alliance with you. You still lack a formal name, so I had the Bindar Organisation put on the document." He slid a formal looking paper across the desk towards the former Smuggler and sighd heavily. Continuing, he said "In return for an alliance and your guarentee that you will aid us in the event of hostile action by our enemies, we will promise to do likewise for you. I will also gift to you 10 Assault Frigates and 50 Mark II Ornithopters. To improve your men, with your agreement, I will station 1,000 of my Troops including 20 Nokkers and a Wing of Ornithopters to train your forces and aid with the defense of your new home." Leaning forward, Atillian Handed Carth a Pen. Settling back into his chair, he said "We, You have a bright future ahead of us. Although I will miss the support that your presence on Arrakis has givin me, I'm sure this arrangement may turn to be much more beneficial." Carth nodded and said "Indeed, however, I must ask. If say, The Moratini decide to wipe my small presence off the face of Gehay, my men and your small force would not be enough to stop them. Would you scramble your forces for Gehey at the first sign of trouble for me?"

"Well, When your men have been fully trained by my Troops, they will be quite a force to be reckand with. However, You do bring up a good point. If Gehey is threatened, I will scramble an Armada bearing troops within one day."

Looking satisfied with this, Carth bent to finish reading the articals of the Alliance.

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The Ixian Ambassador was just finishing a report on the embargo when he heard a knock at the door. He sighed, getting up from the comfortable hover-chair and lumbering over to the door. Who would it be this time? Probably an aide, with another

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75,000 is not that large of a number. Look at your history, there are plenty of countries that have recruited more, faster. And they did not control an entire planet.

Well, more than half the planet is unhabitable and nobody except Fremen live there. And even then, the cities do not have huge populations. By the book's count, there are 29 pyron villages and four cities. New Zealand has a population of 4 million and has more than ten times that amount of cities and villages.But, Arrakis is a desert planet. Which would mean that villages and cities would be smaller. Auckland, the biggest city in New Zealand has around 2 million people in it. I would say that each village on Arrakis would have about 1000 people in them. 1000x29= 29000. Each city? Mabye around 200,000 for each. 200,000x4 = 800,000. 800000+29000 = 829000. 829000/3 = approx. 276,333(The total population is divided by three because of the women and children which make up the population). 276333/4 = 69083x3 = 207249(This is because not every male would join.(Unless there is compulsory enlistment in the army.)).

"Alacia Vorbid, we accept your Lady's offer. But we will need to know what to produce. We will recieve payment in training, resources, and possibly the Floating Fortress technology. As we speak, a embassy is being built on Athalon IV. Your Lady's answer can be sent there," said Averion. "Very well. I will leave at once. But I can provide with my own services, for a small fee, of course," said Vail, as he started to loosen his dress.


"We have recieved comfirmation from the Lady Ekaterina. We can now start building the production facility. The embassy is finished, except a few furnishings that need to go in," said an aide. "Very well. Start the constuction," said Ranio. "Yessir. I mean, yes M'Lady," said the aide.

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'Well that certainly took longer than I had hoped.' Vail thought to himself, as the Moritani shuttle sped away from Richese. Leaving the planet behind, he approached the oribiting heighliner. Next stop: Geidi Prime.

* * *

"Catrione was founded as a mining colony, and is believed to be the fifth oldest settlement on Athalon." Rachael explained, indicating Catrione on a map of the planet. In front of her, the various Richesian technicians dutifully took notes. "As you should know, Athalon is extremely rich in minerals and metals, especially iron and fossil fuels. Almost the entire surface can be mined for some material or other. The Northern polar region is mountainous, and is partly situated above a wide gap between tectonic plates. This unusual feature has ensured that all of the mountains are in fact volcanic, though not all of them are active. This in turn has ensured Catrione, and similar settlements in the polar region, of plentiful geothermal heat and power. Volcanic eruptions are generally predictable, and can sometimes be controlled. Some areas suffer from sporadic earthquakes, but Catrione is not one of these.

"We will look at Catrione in more detail later." Rachael said calmly, changing the image to show the wreckage that was Athalon's equatorial belt. "Now, you can see that the polar region gives way to tropical jungle almost instantly. This is because there is not just a change in latitude, but also in altitude. The jungle zone is actually below sea level, explaining the many rivers and swamps in this region. Since this is the most easily inhabitable part of the planet, this where the first settlements... were." She smirked. "Trebesia was here, along with all of the other large population centres. These cities were interesting in their way, but there is little to say about them now. The surrounding terrain is too damp for workable mining efforts, though other extraction methods could prove useful. Some of the flora in this area could also prove beneficial.

"Further South we meet the only temperate regions on the planet. These are understood to be sparsely inhabited, due to the frequent powerful storms that pass through. This region is, unusually, possibly the least well known part of the planet. Despite its ideal temperatures and rich natural resources, the frequency of the floods, tidal waves, hurricanes, and other various disasters make it all but uninhabitable for any significant length of time. There is only one large settlement, the 'plasteel city,' as it is known. Officially it is called Donnert. Despite the dangers, the previous administration was known to charge highly for tours of this area.

"And finally, the Southern polar region. This differs from the North in that it is mostly ice, rather than rock. Nevertheless, it holds several items of interest. Primarily, this is where the old military did much of its training. There are still several facilities and villages in the polar region that could concievably be of use. It is also, however, an area that is difficult to police. We believe this part of the planet to have a higher-than-average possibility of rebellion. It was here that Atilian Trebeis commanded his efforts to reclaim Athalon. The population have been kept in check since the, ah, 'methods' used against their companions on the equator, but should not be trusted. The south, in general, is the least important region.

"You will doubtlessly be travelling further afield than this city, but there will be specific briefings in these cases." Rachael continued, zooming the map back to Catrione. "The new capital is now the second largest city on Athalon. It generates eighty percent of the planet's wealth. It's importance cannot be overstated." She slapped her pointer on the podium for emphasis. "Catrione is the primary source of power, the industrial centre, the production centre, the military centre, this city is vital. And so of course it is also the most heavily defended city this side of Arrakis." She smirked, in obvious reference to Arsunt and Arrakeen. "You will already be aware that Catrione only occupies about five square miles of surface area. This is because it is difficult to build a city on a mountain. More importantly, however, the deeper we dig, the closer we get to heat and power. It also means that the city is nigh-impregnable to all but the most subtle of assaults. Had the orbital bombardment been aimed at this region, it would have taken several days before Catrione suffered any but the most superficial of wounds.

"The city's surface is never without snow. At the lowest level, magma flows through tunnels of our creation. Between the two we have our factories, residences, public offices, etcetera. We have several thousand miles of tunnels to connect the levels and rooms, the more strategically important ones guarded by pentashields.

"Prior to Lady Ekaterina taking over, Catrione was merely a small mining and production facility. The rapid growth has been entirely due to moving the seat of power here. We hope that the Richesian facilities will aid that growth further."

"Now, the official stuff." Rachael shuffled her notes. "When we inherited this planet, it came with all of the original facilities and equipment. Trebesian technology, we quickly discovered, tends toward the massive. Their D-meks are a perfect example. Almost certainly based on Richesian technology originally, they have been heavily modified over successive generations to produce the modern product. D-meks are large, and can equip almost any weapon. They would have difficulty against a single human opponent due to their lack of manoeuvrability, but are perfect for crowd control and long-range attacks. They also possess a limited form of compter intelligence that allows them to react to intruders. This is both a crime and a sin, as we all know." She rolled her eyes. "House Moritani decided to play it safe, and has modified the D-meks even further. You may have noticed the I-meks as you landed. They are even larger than their predecessors, and in turn they are even slower. They are tougher, however, and are capable of firing further. They are piloted by specially trained humans, possessing no intelligence of their own. The I-mek could not fight a single human, but would be useful against crowds. We have yet to run any field tests, but these meks were deliberately constructed with the possibility of combat versus a D-mek.

"One of your duties will be to invent a further development of this technology. A faster, smaller unit. This too is to be guided by a human. We also want some form of self-repair facility to be installed, if possible. Of even greater importance is the development of a cooling system for the I-meks. Here in Catrione they are wonderfully functional, and indeed they guard this city well. But in a desert climate, say Arrakis, they would be at a serious disadvantage. This cooling system must be lightweight, and preferably located deep within the protective armour. They also need to be modified to resist corruption by sand.

"Further research into the plants of the equator is also on the agenda." Rachael went on. "We are mystified as to why the former administration made little to no effort to examine these plants for uses, other than determining whether or not they were poisonous. Of course, their focus was on the military, rather than science... Anyway, see to that. Our own investigations, which will be made available to you, show that some of these plants could be used as battle stimulants. There is evidence that some of the old guard, the Nokkars, rubbed the leaves before training to enhance their senses. Look into this.

"You will of course have heard of the floating fortresses. They were once the pride of the Trebeis. Huge constructions, they are in geostationary orbit around the planet. When the Sardaukar invaded, they rendered one of the original six completely nonfunctional. Of the remaining five, three are still opperational. We are in the midst of dismantling the defunct fortress, and using it to rebuild and repair the two damaged facilities. Richesian aid in this case would be appreciated, especially in suggestions as to how to improve weapons and defences. Like the rest of Trebesian technology, the fortresses are large, tough, and slow. Keep in mind that they are utterly incapable of attacking anything, heh heh, with the exception of Athalon itself. They were built and placed over a period of four hundred years, and are defensive constructions. Even if a heighliner were to take them, they can hardly move under their own power, as they were placed by rockets and only possess limited stabilisers of their own. We believe that this is probably the only reason that the Trebeis were allowed to build them.

"Keep in mind that Athalon still holds half of the Trebeis family Atomics. Those that were stored at the South pole are no longer in evidence, but the others have been moved to various positions of safety. At least one of the functional fortresses has atomic capability.

"And that concludes the introductory briefing. You should all be familiar with the route to your quarters, and if not then there are maps at regular intervals. Remember that Catrione is a strictly controlled city. You will not be able to access some areas, and the pentashields are active at all times."

* * *

"You!" The Ixian exclaimed in mixed surprise and anger.

"Me." Hundro Moritani smiled, bowing ever so slightly. He wore an ink-black outfit, oily and sharply folded, so he seemed to be wearing shards of obsidian. He stepped into the ambassador's quarters, indicating to his guards to remain behind. Behind him, the cell door slid shut. The Viscount made a show of examining the luxurient interior of the room, pausing to note the various observational devices. He noted with a slight smile that they were, all but one, of Ixian manufacture. One by one, the mechanisms deactivated.

"What do you want, Viscount?" Ix's ambassador to Kaitan asked sharply. He was sitting at his desk, and slid what he had been working on into a drawer in the side. If he had noticed the sudden lack in observation, he gave no sign of it.

"A friendly chat?" The Viscount smiled. He did not show his teeth, which tended to unnerve people in thir fang-like appearence. "My dear ambassador, nobody could be more hurt than I at your current condition. It is truly disgraceful."

"Oh be quiet." The Ixian muttered. "I know you had a part in this, Moritani. Ix will hear of my treatment, of the affront to our territory."

"Ah, but was it truly?" The Viscount raised a finger. He sat down on a comfortable chair, his lanky frame seeming to fold over. "No sardaukar entered the embassy. No injuries were sustained. You have been arrested, ambassador, not kidnapped."

"And I'm sure you saw to that as well." The ambassador hissed. The Viscount merely smiled.

The silence stretched. Feeling uncomfortable turned in his chair, but unwilling to return to his work, the ambassador got up and turned his chair around, sitting down to face the Viscount. He glared, while the nobleman simply smiled amiably.

"You are aware, of course, that the Ixian embassy on Grumman has remained untouched?" The Viscount broke the silence. "I saw to it personally. There have been no mobs, no dark squads in the night. Of course your countrymen rarely leave their building, but I assure you that they would be perfectly safe if they chose to do so. I harbour no ill will toward Ix." His tone shifted with an abrupt change in expression. "Ix used to take pride in her neutrality, ambassador." He hissed. "Understand that power is shifting. A time of change is approaching, and I would not wish to see Ix harmed. Your position with the neo-renegades is all but untenable. For your old principles; for your survival. I advise your leader to reconsider his options." Just as suddenly as it had appeared, the dark expression was gone, replaced by the amiable smile. "Please understand that I am being perfectly honest when I state that I have Ix's best wishes at heart."

"And our allies?" The ambassador raised an eyebrow.

"That depends on who your allies are." The Viscount said quietly.

Again, the two men watched each other across the room.

"Your advice is noted, Viscount." The ambassador said stiffly. "I assure you that my superiors will hear of it."

"I'm sure they shall." Viscount Moritani grinned widely, his teeth glinting in the artificial light. He stood up slowly, his suit's reflective blackness rippling. He bowed formally, but just short of being respectfully. "Farewell, ambassador. We may meet again." Tapping on the cell door, he slipped out.

The ambassador sighed to himself. That smile was unnerving. Above him, the watchers blinked back into life.

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"I agree." said Carth after he read the whole document, and signed at the end.

Atilian looked quite reliefed.

"There is one problem... Gehay has no atmosphere... so the onries would be useless unless I deploy them on the planet below. This would mean moving in on unclaimed territory. Formaly it belongs to the Emperor... but it is largely uninhabeted. And it has no governor... no jurisdiction..."

"Well - said Atilian - then it shouldnd't be a problem moving in."

"I really hope it won't be. Now excuse me... I have to yalk to the Ixians as well... I need some new equipment... the outpost's equipment over there is outdated, plus the fact that I'll have to pay CHOAM a visit again to advertise my little space-inn. Thank you again. My regards to Alexandr as well."

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It would indeed make sense for the villages to have only 1000 people in each, however with people constantly being brought in with each successive House that has controlled the planet over the years, combined with the allure of the Spice... One would assume that the cities would have a rather higher population than 200,000. Besides, this is a Fan-Fic. Accuracy to the books is not a very high priority.  ;)

Atmosphere crackling, A Fleet of the Trebesian Assault Frigates dropped out of the sky. Spreading out, they made to land in pre-designated places. Some came down in the Bindar faculties, others landed in Trebesian Bases spread around the planet. The Commander of the Armada had his orders and would be prepared to leave as soon as the Former Smugglers and the Tebesian Expeditionary Force were prepared to depart for Gehay.

Any contact of factions designated as "Enemy" are to be ordered to stand down and/or surrender. If refusal is recieved from enemy commander, utmost force is to be used to "Persuay" enemy to reconsider posistion. The Following are designated as "Enemy".

-Any craft/Forces belonging to the Moratini Millitary or civilianship.

-Any craft/Forces belonging to the Richesian Military or civilianship.

NOTE: Any Sardaukar Craft/Forces are to be given utmost respect UNLESS hostile intention is displayed in which Maximum force is ordered.

Having finished reading the Document containing official orders for the Armada, the Captain smiled and said "It has indeed been quite awhile since we have been able to show what were made of." Looking up at the Hull of the Gargantuine Frigate, he continued "Now however, we will be known for what we are. A thing to be feared!"

He smiled as the procession of Trebesian Troopers marched into the hold. Destined for Gehay, The mn looked oddly Eager. They were bound for Action!

Elsewhere, from the Ixian Faculties, a massive roar erupted. A Huge Orbital Defense Platform shuddered upward into Orbit. The Craft was sleek and efficiantly Evil looking. A cross between trebesian and Ixian manufacturing, it looked like a crossbreed between the Massive Fortresses of Athalon and a Ixian training Mech. Relnev watched from a Trebesian Frigate as it attained orbit. It was indeed an Impressive site. Fifteen more to go. With all Sixteen of these, the Orbiting Trebesian Armada and the Anti-Orbital Weapons deployed on the ground.... Arrakkis will be a veritable Fortress He thought.


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(O.O.C. --> Grrrrr... >:()

"Is this channel secure?" the Ixian Ambassador to Kaitain, Olon, asked quietly.

"Without a doubt," said Eemins.  "You are in Ixian territory, and as such are granted diplomatic immunity.  Do not fear petty threats of being 'arrested', Olon; the Emperor and the Landsraad both know they have no jurisdiction over you."

"Did you hear the conversation?" Olon asked, his voice returning to something resembling calm.

"The Moritani are always far too overconfident of their abilities.  At least eight camoflauged comeyes recorded every word." Eemins smiled.  "While nothing of great incrimination was said, it does make us very clear on what should be done."

"Yes?" Olon said, interested.

"Corrino are nothing but bullies and cowards, and are to be treated as such." Eemins said.  "They will soon learn the power we hold over them - though small - is still power."

"What are your orders?" Olon said, confident now.

"Smile.  A lot.  Especially at Moritani."

"Understood, sir." Olon said, disconnecting the link.

Message to the Emperor:

You have violated the laws set down by the Landsraad, Emperor.  This is unacceptable, and the other Houses Major shall certainly hear about it.  As for your demand and petty threats towards Ix, you can rest assured that they are being broadcast to said Houses as this message is being dictated.

Your callousness and disrespect for our constitutional right to deny service to our enemies has earned House Corrino a place in the embargo.  As of now, all Ixian services to the Imperial House are ceased, and the reward for being an ally of Ix is now increased to a 50% discount to all products and services.

We have already enlisted countless Houses Minor, and one or two Houses Major, who will remain anonymous for now.  I suggest you, Emperor, re-think your alliances.

Chancellor Relnev of the Ixian Council.

Message to House Moritani:

Oh it's on now.

Chancellor Relnev of the Ixian Council.

Message to House Atreides:

[hide]Your ornithopters are beginning to rust in the Caladan rain.  Please pick them up ASAP.[/hide]



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"You see this? Do you see it?!" The Emperor fumed, smacking the transcript of the Ixian message. "What are we to do now, eh? Any more bright ideas?"

"Don't strain yourself." Viscount Moritani said dryly, sipping at his Caladan wine.

"Strain myself? It's a disaster! The Ixians are vital to the Imperium!"

"Not quite, my dear Emperor." The Viscount kept his eyes facing straight ahead, at the ornate walls of the imperial throne room. The Emperor stood to his left, also facing the wall. The Emperor took a deep breath, calming down.

"Very well. What is your suggestion?" He asked sarcastically.

"Simply that the Ixians are not vital." The Viscount shrugged. "But," he continued as the Emperor made to interrupt, "this is not to say that Ixian technology is not necessary."

"Meaning?" The Emperor grumbled.

"Meaning that Ix has become uppity. The planet needs put in its place, and the resources and expertise put under the correct authority." The Viscount said calmly. A frown creased his brow. "I hear that you transfered the ambassador to house arrest almost immediately following my visit."

"Diplomacy has certain perks..." The Emperor muttered.

"Of course, of course." The Viscount rolled his eyes. "Put it this way. The Ixian supply most of the noble houses of the Imperium. They are also the primary support of the renegades on Arrakis. The removal of Ix as a threat would re-establish the Golden Lion Throne as a force to be reckoned with. And with Ixian technology in the hands of the imperial house, there will be no more threat of 'embargos' from those who should know better."

"But, a strike-"

"A swift strike on Ix, and the imperium will not beable to react." The Viscount shrugged. "The planet is not known for its military expertise. You have the Sardaukar. The choice remains, your highness. Do you wish to be seen as subservient to the Ixian rabble, or not?" The Viscount stepped out of the cone of silence, slipping out of the throne room and leaving the emperor alone.

* * *

A new planet, a new face. Vail had stopped in at Geidi Prime to change his visage. Now wearing the body of a lithe, attractive youth, he was making his way to Arrakis as part of a pilgramage to the shrine of Duke Leto. Already he had convinced several young women that he was merely a visitor from Ecaz, travelling this way because it was cheaper. These young women would serve as perfect cover. They believed him implicitly.

* * *

Thheeeee tiimmmeeee. ... Will sooooon be, uponnnn. Us." Wordsworth droned. Kostya said nothing. Huddled in a corner, as far away from the aging assassin as possible, the young soldier rocked back and forth. His mind shattered, his body ailing, he mumbled the words to a song he had once enjoyed singing. Wordsworth paid him no attention. It would indeed, soon be time. He had worked it out.

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OOC: Can't back out now. :D

"So be it, Ixians. If hostilities are what you wish, then hostilities you shall get. That, and much more..." Shaddam breathed quietly, after the Viscount had left. Brsikly, he got up from his chair, walking to his mentat's quarters.

The man, alert as always, even when he was asleep,opened the door fully awoken.

"What do you wish of me,sir?" The ghola asked.

"I've had a..private talk with Hundro Moritani, and have reached my decision about the pesterous Ix. Send word to Salusa Secondus that they are to mobilise a Battelgroup and 2 Legions of Sardaukar. They  mobilise at dawn. The attack on Ix will begin in 2 days. Now go! Disptach the message!It is imperative we catch the Ix unawares."

"Of course, sir." The man bowed, and retreated to his room to compose a message to the Head Burseg on Salusa Secondus, a letter to the Guild arranging transport to Ix, and a memo to himself to devise a war strategy...

1 and a half days later...

The Heighliner released the ships of the Corrinian Battlegroup into space above Ix.

Onboard the command ship, Burseg Halfat turned to his second-in-command.

"Launch the dropships. Prepare for orbital bombardment positions. If we're lucky, the Ix won't know what hit them...

On Ix, an hour later...

The sky was dark with tiny dots. Many tiny dots.

Every tiny dot was a dropship, containing many Sardaukar troops, thirsty for the fight. In all, the dropships held 2 Legions of Sardaukar, all of whom were eager for the invasion of Ix...

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OOC: Clemenza, I think you moved a little bit too fast.

The 10000 people readied to move to Gehay. Men and their families, apparatus, documents, the laser tanks, ornies, quads and trikes.

Right in the moment they left the orbit of Arrakis aboard the Trebeis fleet news of trouble reached Carth. The Ixians and the Emperor were at each other's throats.

Message to Atilian Trebeis and Alexandr:


Some "sources" have informed me of breweing trouble between the Ixians and the Emperor. Even a possible open agression. If so, we're next... [/hide]

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