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Battlefield 2


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Yes exactly, but my point was that battlefield 2 doesnt even need anti anisialising or anisotrophic filtering turned on to be very demanding to your system. The results im getting with my 6600GTs are in my eyes, laggy. prolly no more than 30 FPS.

And that is because of the larger textures in the map etc.

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Wow, Nerds.

Pff, My 1 ghz 128 mb ram 32 mb TNT 2 card blows all your pc's out of the water, like BOOM.

Actully a question..

Currently I have 1 ghz, 128 mb ram, 32 mb navida tnt2, and a 9 gb hard drive. I'm getting about 450 bucks And I wonder what I should upgrade..

Get a gig of ram? A radon 9800 or something? Or a bigger hard drive? Confizzled.

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A few things..

A) Avatar, if your system only allows you to play on medium settings, then something is definately wrong with your system. Your system should be able to run it real smooth. I have a Intel P4 3Ghz with a 6600GT (128mb, AGP). I am able to run the game good on medium settings with no problems at all (even most settings on high). Instead of complaining about system specs here, you may want to spend some time and start wondering whats wrong with your system. I can advise you how ever to turn of EAX, it'll dramaticly improve your game performance, with no loss in sound at all (well, I doubt anyone will notice anyway).

B) Double verything doesn't make it better. In regards to graphics cards (which seems the case in this topic),

it all depends on what settings you play the game. Only at 1600x1200 difference become really appearent. When you state this how wever, please make sure you take comparable cards. It doesn't make any sence to compare apples to oranges.

C) 3DMark05 is a good performance test program. I don't see where you see it fail.

D) Ex, for 450 bucks you should be able to get a reasonable graphics card, RAM and a larger drive all together. Just need to search for it a bit. How ever, for the more recent games I'd suggest to just save up and upgrade your whole system while your at it ;)

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Really? well let me tell you what I just did


-Installed latest drivers from nvidia site (both motherboard and graphics)

-Installed all windows updates for my OS Windows XP PRO including service pack 2.

-Clocked my CPU from 2200 MHz to 2520 MHz

-Installed battlefield 2

Put everything on high, anti anisialising turned OFF, EAX turned OFF @1280x960 (which isn't my native resolution BUT WHO CARES, 1280x1024 is).

I joined the first server I could find which had 32 players and 29 ping if your interested,


3dmark05 says I got 7020 marks on default setts, which is pretty high for my system (you should know that).

Which shows that there isn't anything wrong with my system, unless battlefield uses something 3dmark doesn't.

Secondly, I have 2 friends with the same setup as me except they have just one 6600GT, they CANT play it on med setts, they had to put everything down to low and 1 or 2 setts on medium. Which just shows im right .. I don't know what you people are trying to proove im getting the results right here in my face on 3 systems which all have been very recently formatted.

So tell me, what is wrong with al these formatted systems?

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No I haven't tried single player and I won't, whats the point.

Have you tried going online?

I can't understand why your 6600GT agp is that good

My friends p4 3,6 GHz/2gb DDR2/x800 radeon system can't even make it at those setts ur talking about. (all medd and 2 setts on high, beyond this is lagfest).

There is nothing wrong with either of these systems, 3dmark05 clearly shows that.

Most people with 6600GT sli and a 3500+ don't make it above 6500 3dmarks .. I do.

So either the synthetic benchmark is utter crap, and your card is a weird exception.

Or battlefield 2 isn't recognizing my SLI and is just using 1 card, but that doesn't make any sense because when I turn off SLI I can't even run the game on medium setts.

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Cause your conenction may well be a part of the problem.

I have played both single and multiplayer, without a hitch and almost all settings put

on max. And my card is no weird exception, as two of my friends with the same card as me are running the game fine as well...

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Yes, that was one of the reasons I was pretty sure that there was no problem with my system, technically there isn't. its just nvidia drivers that suck like usual.

This just prooves how shitty SLI is, im getting rid of it.

Maybe stay with the 7 series or go with crossfire, Ive heard that its alot better than SLI and with less issues, time will tell.

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Crossfire is ATi's *SLI*

But better, or so they say.

It doesn't need to be supported by the game to double (or almost double) the performance (FPS)

In crossfire mode its still possible to use 2 monitors

No refresh override bug

No big green Line or random artifacts in widescreens when crossfire is activated at a resolution above 1280x1024

Those are the ones I remember, but the list goes on

You might want to check the nvidia forums SLI section, Ull see thousands of people with SLI problems, mostly they can't get it to work.

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