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Spice itself spread out in the map goes away when it's harvested, but comes back slowly via spice flowers - they blow up (watch your units, they will get hurt if around the explosion) and make more spice. The longer they sit there without being epxloded the "juicier" they get, and the more spice comes out.

Now the spice harvested goes into your refinery, and if the refinery is full then whatever spice after that, that is harvested, is lost. That's why you want to build silos to allow you to hold more spice. But it doesn't slowly rise or decrease without harvest.

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Silos...lazy players build them.

There's a better tactic. Have 2 refineries (you'll know why) you have lots of cash, but silos take up concrete, space, increases targets for the enemy to shoot, and consumes power.

When you have full spice, and your harvy unloads, build something expensive (Build an MCV or another refinery), and then when the harvy finishes unloading cancel the refinery. You get the money (none lost) and build 0 silos.

I'm not saying you are lazy players, but I see no point in silos (thanks RA2 and Emperor for getting rid of that max credits system).

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If you have time in a game to do that everytime the guy says silos needed, then you have time to build more windtraps and concrete. Besides, it takes up the time you need to build units or build buildings which you preciously need in most games. Silos take little power and one spac of concrete, they are worth it imo.

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