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  1. Can you ally with computers in single player skirmish, I press A on the enemy units and I get this message saying unable to Ally.
  2. I've just started playing emperor and I need some help here... 1. How do you get more money/credit in maps based on the other planets? 2. When your harvesters are killed, do you get free replacements or do you have to build more? And is this the case for carryalls too? 3. Can you determine what reinforcements come, or are they just random? And with the starport, I could only order 2 Minotarus tanks at the max, and they took a while to come. 4. I'm running Emp. on XP (P4, 3d card, 256 Ram) and it locks up quite often. Also, alot of the movies run very very chunky. Is there anything I can do about it? Finally, is there a site that has info. on what the stripes/chevrons do to the units? because i have no idea how much they affect the units, i think a mino tank with 3 chevrons do not self heal right, but a devastator does? thanks!
  3. On the world map showing the territories, what are the soldier figures? I have 3 of them at the moment, and I'm moving them around my own territories. For every map i've played there has been alot of reinforcements, but what exactly do they do? Do re-inforcements make that much difference to the outcome of a battle? I only getting few and average units. I'm playing the Atreides now and I've been beating the levels just with them Minotarus tanks. Don't you think they are a bit too powerful, they kill infantry instantly and pretty much kick most of other vehicles ass apart from the Devastators. I think I should probably build other units and see what they are like, instead of relying on the M. tanks.
  4. G'day I'm glad to say that I am finally getting Emperor in a few more days. wohoo. I've been to the westwood site and can't seem to find a patch. Are there any new patches for Emperor? I'm not too good with computers, but what exactly are patches. And do I need to get a patch to play an updated Emperor version? cheers
  5. yah I suppose. except the cheapest thing I can get from shops around here are still faily fast PIIIs, and I don't have that much money, cause I have to get a new motherboard too. Oh well...I'll just have to nag my friend every so often to go over their place and hop on their PCs to play Emperor!
  6. SOme of the ones that Gunner154 mentioned, like Victory is Inevitable Dark Alliance The Strategist etc.. Whats the absolute minimum to run Emperor? I have a PII233, 192 SDAM and a GeForce2MX...you reckon that will be enough?
  7. Some of the tracks you guys mentioned are not on the Emperor Audio download page, wonder where I can get some of them?
  8. Firstly, thanks for your input with the last message I posted about emperor, much appreciated! I think I'll probably buy it, I don't have high expectations on games, so I reckon I'll enjoy Emperor quite a lot. I've been downloading some videos and audio files from this site, and they are all really good quality. Which track on Emperor do you think is the best? I've only heard the Ride the worm and Harknonne theme, and I thought that was pretty well done.
  9. Navaros, you got some really interesting points there! Now I'm really leaning on both sides on whether to buy it or keep me money. The thing about the AI attacking your territories over an over again does seem very frustrating! But surely there must be some good aspects to the game? (When the AI attacks your territory again, do you re-start the entire level again, or do you get to use the base and units that you previously had in the level?)
  10. I was thinking about buying Emperor because all the extra features in the game sounds really cool, like the tactical world map, 3D graphics, diff. landscape etc... but how much new/different is it from dune 2 or dune 2000? I have to admit I've only seen a few screenshots of Emperor (looks good to me!), and thats about it, I'm pretty new to Dune (although I've played Dune 2 and a bit of 2000). Games are bloody expensive to buy and I just really want to make sure Emperor will be a purchase that I won't regret. So I need some feedback on the game guys, I assume most of you on this msg. board have the game?
  11. Whats the difference between the difficulty levels? And also, with those things on the sand that you can blow up to give more spice..if you have shot them all, does that mean no spice can be regenerated? So is it possible to play a long-lasting skirmish map like in other C&C games where the resource will always regenerate. Or should I always leave one of those things in the sand, as someone before said, they will fill up with more spice or something.
  12. MrFrodo


    I've just started playing Dune2000, and since the new features are so much like C&C, I wanted to know if the spice slowly regenerates like the tiberium? Or is that it if they run out for the level?
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