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Alpha 2 - Bene Gesserit version out


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Its out. And its so hot from the press that even the team has not seen it before ;) Since its still alpha, i do not have to take 'care' that all bugs are removed although i am pretty sure this version has a lot of bugs fixed.

Problem is, when you add new features, you most likely add new bugs too.

This new version contains:

- mod choosing

- map choosing (regions)

- intro playback

sounds all easy and all, costed me a few nights to code ;)

In-game mostly bugs are squished, but i am sure things are missing, report them here.

2 version available now:

- LIGHT / Simplified GIF files for intro (also is a bit faster in the intro and looks odd sometimes)

- FULL / like dune 2 , with a few parts missing since dune 2 bugs me with those parts of the intro

References / links for more info on specific features:



For a feature that will likely come in:


Bug reports here please!, thanks!

Again. Thanks go out to the team for their support and everybody else who tests this and keep us motivated! Send us love mail, money, etc! :D ;)

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During the construction of a building a quarter of the way done it will stop deducting credits, , and when building a structure and if you move the structure slider the place notification will only appear after you return to the structure. This also works when the structure icon is halfway visible,barracks cant be placed on 4x4 slabs.

I also believe you will be able to order from the starport in the next release,MCV'S DEPLOY, and you will be making a super dune 2 version of Bene Gesserit or Arrakis.

Suggestion: When choosing a building it should slide a bit quicker, remove the feature that allows buildings(repair etc...) to be placed tiles and tiles away from structures. What would be amazing would be to be able to choose 7 houses from the menu(3 regular and fremen,corrino,sardaukar,and mercenary).


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Bug report:

I ordered my tanks to move past a piece of impassable terrain. (you know: the kinda only infatry can move on) When my tanks moved against the terrain they stopped moving (duh) but refused to go anywhere, even if I ordered them to go back to where they came from. They just stood... and stood... and stood...

Keep up the good work!

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Yeah, like making Sardaukar a special unit/weapon of House Corrino. I thought of that. Perhaps it was originally intended in Dune 2 to make a Sardaukar superweapon alongside with a Fremen one (pehaps for HK?). That's what a Sard icon is in the Dune 2 unit icons set, I suppose.

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Hm, I though the small ingame icon was never used, since Sradaukar infantry, as well Fremen ones, are just troopers of the appropriate House with better-than-ordinary-troopers characteristic. Say, there are two icons for Fremen - one's a single Fremen, the other's a group of two - but only one got used in-game for the Palace superweapon icon, while the units themselves have trooper icons.

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Furthermore, it's not possible to stop or cancel construction or repair of a structure or unit.

When building a unit or structure, the credits are deducted at once and only then does construction commence.

When building a unit or structure, and the icon on the bar at the lower side of the screen is not entirely in view, you can't see the construction progress. It looks like you're not building it.

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Hello everybody.

I think a have made a foolish mistake, belonging to the class of ones which are very hard to find.

I downloaded the game, Bene Gesserit version alfa 2, and launched it. I successfully started a scenario and found that my and enemy units didn't want to fight. I might drive a quad near enemy units, even between the buildings of his base, but neither I nor the enemy units could fire! All his battle units just stood motionless. However, his harvester and carrier behaved normally, as if nothing had happened. What is the matter?

In the .log file I found several warnings:

WARNING: Exeptional high RUNNING_TIMER_TENTH; fixed at 40

WARNING: Exeptional high RUNNING_TIMER_UNITS; fixed at 20

WARNING: Exeptional high RUNNING_TIMER_TENTH; fixed at 40

WARNING: Cannot identify house/controller -> STRING 'Fremen'

Thanks in advance, Anton.

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"I might drive a quad near enemy units, even between the buildings of his base, but neither I nor the enemy units could fire"

This is not a bug.

It's an alpha. Stefan is working on creating all the code for that sort of stuff. You'll also notice there's no attack cursor (or, for that matter, a deploy for the MCV).

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