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  1. Whenever one wishes to find some informtation, one does not usually care whether it is in the archived or active section of the forum. On rare occasions one may desire to limit the search to recent postings, so it might be best to modify the radio button to Active threads and All threads, and to select the latter by default.
  2. Yes, and that such importaint games as Dune II and Dune are tucked into the unpretentious sub-section of "Other Dune games".
  3. As promised, and although belated, here's our intelligence on the enemy tanks' firing on the move, probably owing to their secret gun stabilizers: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/59075928/DuneII-TanksShootingOnTheMove.zip The archive contains several exatractions from our reconnaisance 'topter's camera, encoded using the Zip Motion Block Video codec, used by DosBox and available from its distribution.
  4. Thanks, I am allright but busy all the time, although I have managed to complete an English translation of the Star Heritage Demo. Out team could have made the full version but very few people seem to be interested in playing it :-( Hope you are well & in good spirits! Didn't find it. This is worth mentioning in the readme. Thanks for the explanation. I have started to play sd2class and was rather worried about the AI not rebuiling destroyed structures, which is said to have been fixed in 1.07. But I no longer worry about messing up the installation. Must the relevant thread be archiv
  5. But Free Pascal can (cross-)compile for MS-DOS. Glad to know you have chosen this venerable and fine language. Did you manage to make the interactive debugger (breakpoints, watches, &c) work? I already wrote I had made sure that my .exe was 1.07 in several ways, and MrFlibble has answered my question.
  6. X3M, Yes, I am talking about Dune II. Yours is an interesting explanation and I'll have it in mind when analysing a relevant video recording. Thank you.
  7. Not so with the turrets of the enemy tanks! I think I can record a video showing that if need be.
  8. Thanks for the info. I am still a tad worried about my executable because it seems to lack some of the fixes released in 1.07, namely: The corners of the map are no longer revealed from shroud at the beginning of the mission. In my case the south-east corner is exposed on every mission. The saboteur is now visible to the player. I don't see enemy saboteurs, should I? The "Repair" button on the sidebar now starts flashing red when a building is below 50% its original HP (in v1.0, the button always flashes red regardless of the damage). In my version the button flashes red-white whenever it is
  9. My officers are rather envious of the skill of the enemy tank gunners who can fire from a moving tank with great accuracy. By deft operation of the rotating turret they often manage to engage targets not only while heading towards them but also while passing them by and even moving away from them. Is there a way to train my gunners accordingly? Is there a procedure to attach a harvester to a specific Spice Silo? Even after unloading by explicit order at the required Silo they will often revert to another Silo even though it be much father away from the spice field.
  10. Hello all, According to MrFlibble the version of Dune II can be identified by the size of the executable. Could you tell me which version is mine if it is 371 616 bytes?
  11. Still haven't found a debugger? Try working from within an emulatotor like BOCHS (it's free). It emulates everything ideally, instruction by instruction, so there'll be no difference from a real DOS-based machine except that it has no full-screen support under windows and that it'll work a bit slower. Another alternative is a virtual machine, of which I know Microsoft's Virtual PC (free) and VMWare Workstation (commerical). They both should run MSDOS 6.22 pretty well and fast, but the emulation may be not as perfect as that in BOCHS. So, if speed is not critical for you, I recomment BOCHS. I a
  12. Don't you know that a lot of Bible legends have a highly pronounced figurative meaning? For example, the legend of Cain and Abel. Cain means labour, and Abel means Rest. ... And Rest was a shepherd, and Labour a husbandman. When God rejected the gifts of Labour and accepted those of Rest (smoke of the Labour's altar drifted on the ground, while that of Rest's rose in the sky), Labour got vexed and lowered his face to the ground (the constellation of Hercules with a club, drooping his face to the ground; the constellation of Rest — now the Snakeholder — is looking above the Altar at the sky) Si
  13. Well, I am afraid you'll have to improve your skillz anyway. And, as great secret: SoftIce 2.80 can be downoaded via ed2k (eMule). Beware of fakes though!
  14. Apart from the evident google search, try finding an MSDOS version of SoftIce. And, I am not sure if there aren't some msdos emulating solutions (virtual machines, emulators (BOCHS)...) that allow debugging...
  15. MrFlibble: I know nothing of that matters. Though, upon a superficial look, I'd suggest OllyDbg.
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