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What does Dune need to make itself popular again?


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Also the general oppinion is that SciFi is for geeks, people rather see soap opera's and adrenalin packed action movies then a movie that goes in depth on the subject of statecraft.

Dune isn't for everyone, and it shouldn't be made in a form to be suitable to the general masses, we already have starwars for that.

Just be glad that the dune series are still alive, we still see new releases and even the fan fiction is very amusing.

Dune should remain cult and underground, that's how its most appreciated, and thats how it remains true to its roots.

SF for geeks?  Well...maybe.  But have you noticed how many big budget sci fi movies are being made these days?  It wouldn't surprise me if they did get around to making another big screen Dune and I'm all for it. I don't like the fact that Dune is "cult and underground".  It means that I have less people to discuss the books with.  Popularity also means a greater chance of producing a Dune mmorpg which is something I've been dreaming about ever since I heard about mmorpgs.

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I like it this way. Dune is appreciated by those who know about it, and hasn't become a commerical venture, which would result in mass misunderstanding. Also, you might be surprised at how popular it really is. There are references all around, if you look for them. Especially in webcomics.

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One thing that truly seperates Dune from Starwars is that George Lucas (the corperate whore he is) allowed it to be comercialized and marketed. Frank Herbert was different. Frank Herbert had an opprotunity to make a movie in the late 70s that would compare with Star Wars, but once the movie was ready, Herbert rejected it. He then turned to David Lych (another artist) and made the 80s movie we all know today. Sure that movie didn't have special affects or graphics like Star Wars did, but I personally thought it was a great movie. However, what they really could have done was to make the movie more newcomer friendly, in which you didn't have to read the books to understand the movie. I couldn't blame Frank Herbert, he was a very artistic man, and I still thought the movie was one of the most underapreciated movies.

I've heard and read how people say it just can't be made into a good movie, but take a look at LoTR. That movie helped outside fans understood the plot and because of it, LoTR became reconized into mainstream society. It would be really nice to see Dune become like that. If Dune had the same edge as Star Wars of LoTR, it would just become much as popular, probably on the same steps as Star Wars (maybe).

I agree that Dune has a cult-like fanbase. People who like Dune are really in to it. To a point I agree with Dante, because I do fell its something to say that "this is what I am a fan of" but I can't help but say that Dune is sorely underappreciate and always overlooked.

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I quote that Dune film by Linch is absolutely wonderful, the best thing they could do in order to cope with the incredible writing style of FH. But, more than this, it could not be done, 'cause dune sixlogy it's not StarWars sixlogy.

In Dune there is not a simple BAD guy and GOOD guy that the street-ignorant-guy can appreciate and understand. Dune is a complete social and like-philosophical book, sometimes not easy to understand even by us hardcore-super-fans, so it's impossible to be trasposed in an understable way for the "common people" ;)

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