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Announcement : Rewrite of project will start, heads up everyone!


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A lot of new features added, basicly tech-tree is in. Houses support (MODDABLE!) and more. Repairing, upgrading,building units. Etc.

Test version soon for public, no combat envolved. The name is dubbed "Arrakis". Instead of "Alpha". Since we don't use a greek alphabet, we will use DUNE words. So Arrakis is the first. Can you guess the second? ;)

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lol @ timenn ;)

Andrew, i think you're confused ;)

Let me explain. Normally you see in games, they have "Alpha" and "Beta" releases. This is from the greek alphabet. Actually roughly translated you have version A, B, etc. You can go to Z if yo ulike. But in a chat with Timenn i thought it would be funny to name versions with the first letter of the alphabet and so on, and use Dune words. Timenn made some....

Arrakis=Alpha=1st version

???= BETA = 2nd...

???= ... etc.

Guess here ;)

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