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A piece of music... made by yours truly


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I play piano. I have a digital piano with nice strings and i know some chords to make it feel dunish. I made a tune, it was all 'live' recorded. So not midi-converted , and also not using any music maker. Everything is pure played. What i played is what you hear.

Its a heavy download, mp3 format. Good quality. The tune represents 'peace'. Meaning, its a peaceful (building) theme in a game. Perhaps i will use it for my game, or perhaps not. I'd like to hear comments ;)

its ~6.5 MB btw.. don't be scared ;)


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A perfect example of how looking at "Who's Online?" can lead to good things. :)

Just downloaded this song on a whim after seeing someone looking at it on the "Who's Online?" page.  I have to say that it's very good, and is indeed very Dune-ish.  I have it set on repeat right now. :P

I like this kind of music... the kind of violin / echo melody type that makes you think of huge open spaces. :) I can usually only find them in dance music, which tends to be too full of drums and hi-hats for my taste; but this is a welcome change to all that, and makes me think of rolling expanses of sand and dunes.

Very good job, Stefan. :)

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