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D2TM - Graphics Enhancement Teaser....


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exactly. The graphics are double-sized. So that means, no more uber little structures and units. But, in  'normal' proportions. And, with that, they look more neat, yet keeping respect to the dune 2 feeling. It may not 'look' as dune2000ish (ie, super nice, new, graphics), but imo it looks very , very nice!  8)

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i'm glad your taking this route. the original dune 2 engine doubled the size of the graphics on the fly, but it was a pixel resize and it didn't make the image look any better, only bigger. all my dune 2 clones had resized graphics, and i tried different resizing techniques to try to come up with the best looking set, but most of everything seemed to be either too pixelated or too blurry and i didnt want to take the time to go over every pixel by hand. i checked out your example and i liked it very much. good job

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