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  1. Yeah that's understandable. I've been following Arrakis for a while so hope to see more of your Dune projects come together.
  2. Hello folks. I want to inform y'all about GameValor www.gamevalor.com. GV is a fairly new games news site like ign, gamespot, gamespy. Please take a look. It's possible to join the forums at www.gamevalor.com/forums which is of course free. Thanks!
  3. Nice thanks. Yeah the music in Dune 2 is one of my most favorite of all the games I've played. 8)
  4. I've tried the demo and it's really cool. However I have a gameplay issue because when I move the mouse to the border ingame to move the view around then it scrolls very fast in that direction. Also I wonder will there be a multiplayer online mode? Anyway keep up the good work!
  5. The improvements look great. I have some suggestions. In my opinion the bottom bar is too large the height, maybe the buttons can be made smaller too. Will the infantry and the terrain textures become higher quality, more detailed? I like the more detailed structures.
  6. Okay that sounds reasonable.I am not forcing anybody. So it comes in a other section for remakes of the tunes if people want to download them.
  7. Well I understand that some people like to have the original tunes instead of remakes so it could be a option to listen to these or the original versions. I only wanted to help with the game, but I see it's not appreciated.
  8. There is a text file with the large batch of midi's it says they are from Dune 2 and is apparently the complete soundtrack. It are in total 33 tunes. I also have a smaller batch that are also in the larger one which are in total 9 tunes. They don't have any names just numbers. Please add the remade high quality songs I made to the mod. I do this because I want to help and make the mod better. I have remade another tune. I hope you guys like it. regards, Kazuma [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  9. Thanks. Yes I use the midi as the melody and make it high quality. You can probably hear the difference. I will remake the other Dune 2 midi's too and edit the drum of this one. It can be needed to edit the remade songs a couple of times until they are well balanced. :) Also on the internet I found more midi songs of Dune that aren't in the mod. I'm not sure if some of those are from Dune 1 or 2. However some sound quite slow so perhaps those are from Dune 1. regards, Kazuma
  10. The first remake of the Dune 2 song had too much bass so I have improved it. Check it out.
  11. I want to make the music of Dune 2 high quality for the mod. I have already changed the first song of Dune 2 into high quality. You can listen to it by downloading the attachment. regards, Kazuma [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  12. To be honest I think Sega Saturn Dune II looks much too cartoonish. Dune II for the pc has a more realistic look.
  13. That looks good. I like the graphics enhancement. More detailed units would be nice too. 8)
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