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I want to play this game so badly!  I loved KotoR 1, and this one looks and sound even better.  Dante described a few of the game's features and some of its content.  True, some of it had me foaming with anger, but most of it sounded like eye candy.

Add to that excellent gameplay and D&D rules, and what do you get?  I WANNIT, I WANNIT, I WAAAAAAN IIIIIIIT! :D

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Ach, finally finished it a few days ago. I liked it, in that it deperted from the usual 'Evil people wanting a Sith Empire vs the good guys' plot. Having said that, it was as Star Wars as Star Wars will ever be, and with it came the usual flaws of the genre. I think that the game could have been improved, had Lucasarts loosened its vice-like grip on the whole process. If Obsidian (or Bioware, even) had been allowed more time to develop the game, and a little more freedom with the Star Wars genre, they could have come up with something unique, something special. As it is, The Sith Lords is playable, replayable, and fun; but it's really just KotoR with a slightly improved plot. ...And better characters.

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I'm stuck.

A trigger bug on Nar Shadaa, where I stopped getting the message that the viceroy or whatever it was, wanted to meet me after I loaded the game.

The reason for loading was that my Atton was poorly equipped due to ignoring him after I got Mandalore on my team. He got slain like a bug by the two girls at the bar.

After I loaded, I went to equip Atton, but never ever got the message about the meeting again.

However, Atton is standing outside of my ship. Funny, really, because when I have Atton in my team, there are then two Attons.

The first Atton is Atton before I renewed his equipment, and the Atton in my team is the new one.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I can't be arsed with starting all over again.

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Hmm Two antons? I have not played Old republic two, but I had a odd problem with the wookie from the first game...

They multiplied themselves...and took over all the other chairs, I was going through Kashiak with 3 wookie's fighting beside me.. NPC's started changing to them to, I had to deleate that save and start over.

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