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is there any advantage for units placed on plateau?

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it's quite interesting it doesn't work on some units. I think it also depends on their ammunition. a sonic tank for example couldn't shoot at my leeches placed on the rock with a 2 point height advantage. so they could infect the sonic tank but it couldn't fire back though it was directly in front of them (but 2 levels lower). a mino or mongoose with rocktes could have probably reached the leeches and destroy them.

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Sorry for the late comment, only just seen the topic...

The get height advantage is an extra range code switch for all units (infantry and vehicles) but it is not enabled on all units in the Rules file (for example GuNIAB tank, Flame Tank, Sonic Tank, Building GunTurrets etc).

From the rules:

HeightRangeBonus = 1 // 1 Tile for each height level

The idea is that the missile/bullet "falls" through the air thus gaining range, while those without the advantage (Sonic Tank, HKAssault tank) can only fire basically straight at a unit. Thus for the AT side the AI knows to use ATMongoose for cliff defence as it gains range.

Thus to the Sonic Tank thing - it cant shoot upwards only straight while rockets (with AA enabled like on the ATMongoose) can go upwards or downwards...

The get rock advantage (increased damage and increased range) code switch is on for most infantry units though the TLContaminator has it switched off...

Frome the rules:

InfRockRangeBonus = 2 // Inf has 3 tiles extra range on inf rock

InfDamageRangeBonus = 50 // Inf does 50% more damage on inf rock

As Appo said the Kobra and Mino have the same range in the rules file, but have DIFFERENT angles of fire which means that the Kobra can be out-shot.

An example of this exists in Dune 2000 where the Missile Tank had the same range as the Rocket Turret, but if you brought the Missile tank in at an angle to the turret rather than straight on, it could fire on the turret and not be fired on back.

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