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  1. does an inet side or a file or anything else exist where units are compared to each other? i mean like "unit a needs 6 secs to destroy unit b"
  2. do i have zone alarm off to play online? if so is there another (free) software firewall which allows to play online? my comp is athlon 1800 gigabyte 7vtxe mainboard aopen 4200ti w2k updated to service pack 4 zone alarm + antivir running + normal OS stuff
  3. i8 had the same problem with the text instead of "quit" there was sumthin like "emperor" and the font was kinda weird this happened to me after i installed the directx version which is on the emperor cd when i deleted this one and reinstalled the (older) version on my w2k cd everything was fine again i hope i could help u
  4. aah that is the point i was refering to! as i understand u right the advantage is of a range catgegorie
  5. yea thx 4 this one i just looked into my (german) manual but still the thing is not absulutely clear 4 me height advantage is indicated by the red arrows ok so far but whut does height advantage exactly mean? does this unit have an increased sight/shooting range? more hitpoints whatever maybe one more experianced dune player couid give me an insight in this advantage aspect my thought to this was if there is an advantage to those units placed on plateau this would have startegic implications in a match so my question to those experts is: would it be for example better to place my kindjal on p
  6. well but whut is exactly ment with height advantage? incereased fire range? more powerful fire?
  7. i am new and so i wonder wether units on plateaus have any advantage over units which are on sand like they have a longer range in sight or shoot or anything like that ??? thx 4 replying
  8. same 2 me yesterday i played my 1st game after a year or more it was annoying i waited for like 15 minutes till game started
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