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How to attract more people.


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If it was still being sold at the store near me I would have bought it. I saw it there one day but I didn't buy it. $10 Canadian.

Dunno, is there a competition that is possible for the game? Like a time race or some other stats?

Would be a pretty cool multiplayer game. Trying to kill your opponent with a Crysknife. :)

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Yes, I used a computer with an external keyboard without a broken down key and was careful. Thereafter, it was relatively straightforward, with the possible exception of the lengthy smuggler mission. (And the last mission I managed first time). Though that's no excuse for it being difficult to control. Difficulty should come from the gameplay, not the controls.

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Oh shure I would try it out, I would try everything it can do, but I just dont think it would be as much fun as emperor. Maybe I could be wrong, but I have played a lot of those big hyped games, and they have been good, but a small low hype game like emp has my loyalty.

I would give it a fair shot, like I did for Dune2k.

I wish I could suggest a good way for you to attract more people. Maybe somewhere to get some info would be a start, as I dont know harldy anything about this game (including its existence for a while).

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Ok, I 'll satisfy Dunenewt's sig demand.

But truly this game is crap. I mean, is there any action-adventure gamer stupid enough to waste his money?

Gamespot rated the game with a 3.3. Below are quotes from its review:

It's a poorly designed 3D action-adventure game that actually has precious little to do with the source material and equally little to recommend it.

Despite a couple of moderately nice touches, Frank Herbert's Dune is a dud of a game. Any strengths are marred by a long string of poor design decisions and equally poor execution. The game utterly fails to capture the majesty and mystery of the Dune universe, turning it into an interactive Saturday morning cartoon--and a bad one at that. Toss this one to the worms.

And you can find the same opinion in any gaming site.

To answer the topic's question, we should make no efforts whatsoever to promote this game - the only thing we could achieve is make people dislike the dune universe.

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I used to have the game but never managed to hold out long enough to learn the controls.

The controls putted me off and finally I never played it.

As for the topic, if you want more players to get the game you could make a sticky with links to reviews, patches and more stuff.

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