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The most online is skewed and pretty much biased. For some reason Gob changed it so that it included guests and bots. I can see allowing guests (as long as not bots). Of that 119, I bet more than 100 were guests or bots.

Ok, sure Fed2k a powerhouse in the Dune target market, but the market is slowing down quite dramatically. I remember when I would go home for the weekend and there would be pages of new messages/threads in each board that would take a day or so to catch up. Now it takes an hour at most.

There are many Dune fans that do not know about this site. Pretty much everyone I had met did not know about this site (and they had played the games as well.)

The last news article was more than 3 months ago. That's not very active :-X

Well, comparing Fed2k to its' past history presents itself as slowing down. But whether every other Dune website is experiencing the same slowness as a percent is the main question.

Since it most likely is an external factor (environment) slowing Fed2k down (and since it is uncontrollable) all we can do is improve our marketing mix factors (Product, Price (we don't have one), Promotion, and Place).

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Product: Hot air.

  We may be able to improve this through the use of windtraps to reclaim the water.

Price: None.

  We may be able to improve this by bribing members with offers of CHOAM shares.

Promotion: We seem to have more links to other places than other places have links to us.

  We may be able to improve this by relocating lowzeewee to other boards and putting a link to Fed2k in his sig, or perhaps sponsor JOEBIALEK to mention us at the end of his posts.

Place: The dungeon is difficult to move without risking the escape of the denizens.

  We may be able to improve this by building a road so that tourists can more easily visit and jeer at Gob's captives. This will generate the income needed to offer aforementioned bribes.

Environment: If you think the environment can't be changed, try reading Dune...

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And yet so bad for everybodys health and wellbeing...... 8)

We dont need Nav or Emp for Fed2k to thrive....all they bring is chaos and conflict. A bunch of pointless threads would pop up and everybody would start to flame and argue again and we would be back at square one. We for sure are better off when they are not present....

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I miss the insanity that was anger at cutting up pizza.

:O Link!! Link!!!

To all the lil bitty babies who went into pizza shops to buy slices and caused them to start this evil trend because you are too babyish to eat your pizza slice the way it was meant to be eaten:

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