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Star Wars Battlefront


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First impression: Excellent !

I haven't played single player yet, so my comments are for the multiplayer part

I have to admit, the makers have done a fantastic job to provide the player with the movie aspects. Whe you're caught in a battle, without the pictures, you know you're in Star Wars. If you add the pictures, you almost know the way (if you've seen the movie that is :P).

The graphics are quite good, although they don't match FarCry IMHO. You still need a nifty video card to play it on high detail and still get a good FPS out of it. For those of you who know Battlefield, SWBF works kinda the same way. You need to take spawn points. In SWBF however, you can't take spawn points with a vehicle, you need to be on foot to take a spawn point. Once you join a game, you can choose from 5 different characters, each with their own capabilities. There are a varaiety of maps to be played, on different planets.

The weapons are fun to play around with. There's lot's to explore and if you try the game for the first time, just give all infantry a try and see what the various weapons do. There's minimal splash damage (rockets), so if you choose a rocket launcher or mortar, you need to hit straight at your enemy (although they do get a blast, so if they're close to the edge, they do fall over the edge).

Granades work pretty well in close groups. They do have a small radius of splash damage. There are also infantry mines. They are very effective to protect spawn point, especially against those who'll run through anything (like me :)).

Vehicles... I haven't tried many, as I'm way to customized to Battlefield (TIP: If you're a BF fanatic, set your controls to those of BF, works much better). I did try out those 2 and 4 legged machines, which can be pretty effective, especially against infantry. They are easelly brought down by planes though, as they can fly beneath the firing range of those things and tie a rope around the machines legs (and with it, bring it to it's fall).

With infantry, it may seem hard at first to get an enemy down, but if you're in a tight spot, do not forget your granades, they can be lifesavers (if you throw them right anyway ;)).

Originality: 10 (the makers did a fantastic job to implement the feel of Star wars, well done !)

Gameplay: 8

Graphics: 8

For some screenies, check here

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Uh, can you control AT-AT (the four legged robot) alone?

Yes, but you cant control anti aircraft cannons (works good against land targets as well :P).

I have played this game for some time and it was great relief that game wasnt some crap+collection like most of lucasarts games. ;D

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I must agree with Bryorama's statement that this game is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. My favorite is the Imperial Dark Trooper class and from vechiles eithger AT-AT or AT-ST (you can see I mostly playe Imperial). Also CIS Droideka is great. But a question on that classs: can you run enemies over with it in rolling movement mode?

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It was okay, but it got boring quite quickly, I found.  I just didn't really find much in the way of variety of characters, levels, scenario type.  I also didn't really like that it had no coherent storyline aside from the general Star Wars setting which - let's face it - has been done to death of late.  And I couldn't quite shake the feeling that it was a BF1942 mod (which, in a way, it is).

I did quite like the Battle of Hoth scenario, although I only played as the Rebels and never got around to trying out the AT-AT (although I can imagine it being too ungodly slow to bear).  Being a big Dark Forces fan, I was also glad to see the Dark Troopers were in the game, until I found out they were pretty useless.  I wish the programmers had taken the time at least to make their weapon shots look like the DT Weapon.

All in all, it was a fun game to rent, but I wouldn't pay money for it.

***Keep in mind that I really wasn't a fan of BF1942.  It's just not really my thing.***

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