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Russia in Revolution: 1905-1917


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Hmm, this is based (quite loosely) on something we did in my hsitory class recently.

Each person takes a side and gains control of one (more if necessary) character.  The more people, the better, but obviously the real people are most important.

The Russian Imperial Government:

1.  Czar Nicholas II

2.  Grand Duke Nicholiavich Constantine Romanov

3.  Nikodim Pratasov, Head of the Ikrana (Government secret police).

4.  Nicholas Ignatyev, Head of the imperial Guarde

5.  (?-If someone knows the first name, I can't remember) Bolganski, Head of State

Russian-aligned characters:

1.  Nikolai Korski, Imperial Guardsman

2.  Kiev Borsk, High official in the Ikrana

3.  Boris Kepeski, Serf Overseer

4.  Piotr Trepov, Provincial governor


1.  Vladimir Lenin, Head of the Communist Revolution

2.  Alexey Ivanovich Rykov, Russian Revolutionary

3.  Leon Trotsky, Russian Revolutionary


1.  Iushud Shovov

2.  Iban Riptov

3.  Havju Hadenov

4.  Boris Tresinki

5.  Vladimir Stukov

More serfs can be added if needed, obviously.

Just as a departure from my usual stance, I'll be a loyalist.  I'm Nicholas Ignatyev, head of the Imperial Guarde.

Just post what you want to be, and I'll PM you your role sheet.  (Excpet the Czar, of course - He can do whatever he damn well pleases.)

Some other special rules you should know of:

If you want to speak to a specific character, you may use hidden text.  However, Pratasov may read hidden text.

Nobles may use PMs to communicate with each other, as well.  Serfs cannot, however.  (Well, obviously I can't stop you, but please don't cheat.  How lame is that?)

Characters that control a goup (such as Ignatyev) control all members of that group not listed as seperate characters.

One serf is actually an agent of the Ikrana.  However, it should be nearly impossible to tell.  They will act as displeased with the Czar as any serf.

Only one character may read hidden text: Nikodim Pratasov.  They may then PM the contents of hidden texts to the Czar, or simply reveal the contents to everyone.

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