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Gurney Halleck: Tales Of A Smuggler


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"If wishs were fishs, we'd all cast nets"

  Gurney Halleck had seen it all.  He'd seen his sister brutally raped and murdered in front of him, he'd seen Harkonnen Slavemasters torture him to the point of almost no return, and much more.  But he had thought he was past the bad times, since he had entered the service of the late Duke Leto who he hoped he wasn't dead, and that he had managed to escape, but he knew there was very little chance of that.  Maybe Paul, Duncan, or Thufir had managed to escape, but there was one other thing he wanted, revenge against Jessica, the traitor who had betrayed his beloved House Atreides.  He, and many of his men had sought shelter with the Smugglers, who were, for now at least, out of the reach of the Harkonnens and their Imperial allies.

~~~This is my first non-playable fan-fic I've attempted so don't be too harsh.

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Ok, corrected it now, the reason why I Apol found so many mistakes is because, if anyone ever hears me speak, I don't separate my speech out in to separate sentences, or even clauses, its just one long prose.

Not really, since that was not the type of mistakes you made. Your clausal seperation was technically passable, just not gripping/aiding to the flow. Most of your mistakes were just a matter of going over the thing again and proof reading.

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