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  1. Nice intro, look forward to some smuggler action. "I'm the well-trained fruit tree, he thought. Full of well-trained feelings and abilities and all of then grafted onto me - all bearing for someone else to pick."
  2. "A bright color of green trailed on and on for many fathoms" Fathoms is a measure of depth isn't it? Perhaps knots is better? How about leagues? Sounds old worldy Ah! this is quite refreshing after all those threads about killing, and macho monkeying. Thanx TMA-1, keep it up! ;) :)
  3. Yeah, its nice to get a Russian pov...have you read Stalingrad by Antony Beevor?, highly recommend it...its a good read if you're into military history, well written and doesn't read like a history text book. ;) Oh, one thing, I don't think they used words like Rookie in 1940s Russia, that kinda distracted me being english myself.
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