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What do you think the most valuable unit is?


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Guest HarkonnenGeneral

hehe...of course, the Harkonnen Devastator tank...since Dune 2, I loved that unit

and don't you guys insult StarCraft. I still love that game, in fact, I still play it today with the almighty Terrans!

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The advanced carryall gets my vote for the best unit. They add a massive speed advantage to slow units as well as the ungodly ability to ignore terrain. Advanced carryalls, if used correctly, are premier economic destruction units. Harvesters are completely vulnerable to carryall. Pick the unit up and place it at your front door. Let your defenses maul the harvester.

Using the advanced carryall, one can make the large, ranged units viable in hit and run strategies. Drop the death in and reign it out before the opponent is aware of the strike.

Use the carryall to take map control and to contain your opponent. Haul a MCV to a buildable area close to the opponent's base, deploy, place static defense, and place unit producers. Move large groups to strategic high ground.

Are you a Harkonen/Ixian who wants sonic tanks or deviators? Pick one up and leave it on the advanced carryall. Copy until your finger is bloody.

The advanced carryall is almost as broken as the Ixian Projector.

BTW: Starcraft is definitely the premier RTS. It has a mix of strategic combinations and community that has made Blizzard hated by most people in this channel.

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