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Redux 3 Demo


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I'll do some optimizing for speed and some bug fixing for the next version, but I'm surprised it's not running well. It runs fine on my system, which is worse than yours.

Athlon 1800+, 512mb ddr, 64mb Geforce3

On this system i get about 35 fps at 1600x1200 (still smooth gameplay, even on fastest setting).

At 1280x960 i get 77 fps, with no noticable slowdowns during gameplay.

Runs fine on my other system as well (P4 2.4ghz, 512mb ddr, 32mb Geforce4)

Unfortunately I don't have any systems around with ATI cards, but I don't see why it would be any worse. Your card in particular should outperform both my cards put together.

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so far, you cannot increase or decrease the amount of vehicles, aircraft, or structures in the units.txt file, but you can edit them to make them not show up in the game (except for the structures, i'll need to update the code for this because it will always place the structures at game start). the program should have gave some sort of error message, if it didnt then there is a bug i will need to fix

i've been meaning to write up a help guide for editing the values. also, i will probably seperate the file into units.txt, aicraft.txt and structures.txt

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ok, thanks, I did not receive an error message, an error box popped up, but it was empty...

edit : hmm, how do you remove them then? I tried to set built by to : No, No (I assume They're used to distinguish between the two sides?), but they still showed up, at least, for me :)

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you need to edit the build menus of the structures that build them. i made it this way so moders would be able to customize their structures as much as possible (pick exactly which units are in which slots on the sidebar). i will include a small help file in my next release that explains all the values.

i have run some profile tests to see what is causing the lag for most of you. the biggest culprits so far are the terrain drawing and the text drawing. i'm not too concerned about the menus right now, which have quite a load of text drawing, but i will be changing the in-game text drawing. as for the terrain, i just started rewriting it and it is already 200% faster. i will try to release the update soon

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lots of bug fixes and new features in the 1st update

MUCH better gameplay.

almost done, got to fix structure data loading, add message system and finalize the release. i dont think anyone is waiting :D but, it will be out thursday evening, pacific time

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  • 2 weeks later...

The first update is ready for download


some new bugs were noticed when i was finalizing this release. i'm not going to delay it anymore, i just want it out. i will release a smaller update soon fixing minor bugs, along with the help file for editing units.txt

i will also post the new bug list soon



- Changed terrain drawing, takes 1/20th as long now

- Units now follow your orders immediately

- Got rid of group pathfinding, caused too many problems

- Added rally points for the factories

- Helicopters are now fitted with working air-to-ground guided


- Box selecting now works in all four quadrants

- Aircraft hot keys now select aircraft, not launch them

- All attack and move orders for all aircraft and units fixed

- You can now track selected aircraft with the 't' key

- Helicopters now back away from their targets when too close

- Fixed many different issues with displaying cursors

- Fixed bug which caused loaded data to be lost from units.txt

- Fixed positioning of the aircraft bar

- Fixed bug where waiting/taking off aircraft were vulnerable

- Sounds now only played for on-screen sounds

- Fixed many issues with unit and aircraft behaivor

- Many more small, misc bug fixes

- Changed lowest game speed to paused game

- Changed help menu, including hotkey which is now 'z'

- Fixed structure data, and loading of structure action data

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focus is shifting to actual mod creation. i will continue fixing bugs, but the next large update will add features needed by the mods being created.

nothing has been decided about the dune mod, everything is open to the community.

it would be nice to have everything set in stone before work starts on it.

after everything's decided, the dune mod needs:

- unit art (depends on which game we're basing this on, some could be much easier than others because of the 32 frames needed for each half of a unit. we could get our own 3d models to render them from)

- structure art (just animation and damaged frames)

- menu art (easy, be creative and make the menu look nice but give the atmospheric dune feel)

- interface art (this also is important for the right atmosphere. i can add coding to base the interface on the side u pick, and maybe little animations)

- music (can be converted or created from scratch)

- terrain (different worlds other than arrakis possibly?)

- misc art (lots of little art changes like cursors and colors)

- game data (all the unit/weapon/structure data)

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i've been really busy lately (new gf ;D) but lots of important changes and additions have been made already. i've thrown together a basic dune mod, which just has different structure art, terrain art, menu art, and music. everything else is the same, but hopefully someone will pick up where i left off. mostly alpha 3 will consist of bug fixes and small additions for mods. sonic waves were the last thing i added to redux 2, but that version never got released. it looks cool, especially on planets other than arrakis (the sand doesnt have enough texture to see the effect). i should be done sometime this week

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Your website makes for interesting reading...

"Easter Alliance Units"

Conjures up images of vicious, pythonesque bunnies...


oops! ;D

update: lots of progress made. this is definitally the version i want everyone to try (with the dune mod of course). i'll post a revision/addition list soon. i've been sick so i havent been able to finish it yet. as soon as i'm better i'll get it done

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  • 3 weeks later...

Basically, all the game's files, like art (bmp files), data (txt files), and music (ogg files), are seperated into subdirectories. Right now there is only "Redux 3" and "Dune 2" subdiretories under "mods", but that will obviously change as new mods are added. In Alpha 3, the user will be able to select from these 2 mods from the main menu (which instantly changes all the art and data), or if they want to play a different mod, they can edit settings.txt and then run the game. In future versions, the game will show mods if their subdirectory exists. Download sizes won't be terribly small, but this is because just about all of the game is editable, and the program assumes you've changed everything. You can make a different interface for each of the four sides, and of course edit all the art/data for the units, structures, aircraft, weapons, maps. New features will be constantly added, included those requested from moders. These new features will be customly made for a particular mod but will always be able to be used/edited by other mods. Although the engine is about par with middle C&C games, it is meant to be able to clone just about any RTS game (or possibly help create some original work). Mods will be listed on the website with info but will probably only be able to be downloaded here. I'm considering packaging the executable and libraries by themselves and then letting users pick which "game" to download, so that you will be able to download the Dune mod and not have to download the modern warfare game (and vice-versa). The only major thing i can think of that is not editable at this point is the sound. Sound, infantry, and money/resources will all be in the next version.

I hope I answered your question :)

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