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Atreides vs Ordos


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Using Ix is certainly a good idea. Use the Projectors to project the Ordos Laser Tanks to use their lasers to blow up all shielded units of the Ordos, this is a very effective technique.

Ix is good with all Houses actually, but more effective even when playing with or against Ordos, since Ordos units are better in firepower, then it armor...

A nice technique also is, to duplicate Ordos Deviators once the enemy has built them, although Duplicated Deviators don't have that thoughness the normal one has...

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against rushs use bikes, light infantry and sards (maybe 1 or 2 mongos /especially when he is coming with much lazers) or snipers mixed in) if u get in trouble, go back to ur harvs, they will defend u a lill bit, or better built turrets, and go back to them, til u get money and grow up for minos....but dont forget to give those minos support with light units and maybe fedaykin, and dont forget to cover ur spice.

never go ref first in 1 on 1 vs ordos.....u know, the gasman will kill ya....hehe.....do bar ref fac

and scout well, so that u can c with what units he will come before it is to late....so that u can change strat.


MODIFYING: lol...when i was reading the post there was no answer.....when i finished reply, there were 2 answers, so dont worry bout double postings

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In early game, make lots of bikes n infantry, they help to you stop early ordos rush. And watch out chemical trooper rush too. If like a fisher plain, there are two or more entrance bases. If you dont get chemical run n into ur base, ur base has major beating.

Next, make minos n supporter as fedayin or sard with infantry. 3~5lazer tank can kill a few mino easily. so you should mix infantry for support mino.

If you have good microcontrol, you can make just only sandbikes n some mongoose n beat up ordos base. But it is hard skill. Make some airdrone n kill enemy's carryalls n ordos economy get be poor.

In later game, ordos maybe has kobra, lazer, deviator n many other units. I say sard elites very good units with atreidis. If you dont have them, ordos can beat up atr easily. Sardelites one shot can kill one deviator and they protect mino from air attack well(like huge advansed carryalls pick up hoard of mino).

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Got done with it. First I got rid of the AA troopers with a hawk strike, then used some ornithopters to take out turrets and las tanks and finished the rest of with my 4 three-star minos.

LMAO is this advice from an expert player or a no0bie...  go figure lol 

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