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Tiberian Sun Fan Fic


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We will have a World Domination fan fic where we take either NOD or GDI and start conquering territories. There will be no shroud or map here. It will be done like other fan fic games.

Commander name: [insert any name you want, doesn't need to be from the game]

Side: [GDI or NOD]

Country where HQ resides: Pick a country for your HQ to be based in. GDI can pick any one country in North America, Europe and Australia. For NOD, its Asia, Africa and South America. The North and South poles of Antartica cannot be occupied(it's for battling over). If a more than one of you GDI people want USA, for example, then you decide which parts to split among yourselves]<-It makes no difference to your army strength which country you take, I advise allies stay close together

Any other info: [Yeah, insert any info you want]

You got $7000 to start with for building your army. All units and buildings all the way from Tiberian Sun





GDI Structure costs


(1)The power plant is the basic structure you first place

(2)Each time your harvester comes back after every 3 posts, you get $800

(3)Every $1000 for each unit/building will be represented by 1 post, e.g. if it is $1300, 2 turns.

(4)You can only have 3 Cyborg Commandos/Mutant Hijackers/Mammoth MkIIs/Ghoststalkers

(5)Every power plant supports 4 buildings

(6)When you are short of power, production is slowed by 50%

(7)Ask your questions, I am not that experienced in making rules so pop your question and I'll clarify it here in the Rules.

(8)Each tiberium refinery can support 3 harvesters.

(9)For each tiberium refinery you build, you get 1 free harvester.

(10)Only when 1 building is complete can you put another, so if you have a build order, the buildtime will not run concurrently.

(11)Having 1 more unit-production building will speed up the production of its units by 25%, so $1250/post if you got 2 factories, $1562.50/post if you got 3 factories and so on.

(12)It takes 5 posts to travel to another continent.

(13)You can pass control of your army to your ally if you are unable to command during times that you can't get access online



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Commander name: General Abdul Karim HASSAN

Side: NOD

Country where HQ resides: Egypt

A ruthless power-hungry NOD general who wants to become the new NOD leader. He likes to force his enemies into submission from indirect fighting and doesn't dare to go into direct fighting. Likes to hide away under maximum security in his base and likes to go on the offensive only when a victory is more or less confirmed. He usually fortify his bases with anti-air defences to back up a whole mass of artilleries that clear out enemies even before they get close to him.

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Commander name: Eric Horrigan

Side: NOD

Country: Libya

Blindly loyal NOD general for its visions, purposes and mode of action. In early 90's he was Gaddafi's most supported terrorist (I'm sorry if this offends some of you). Now a cunning NOD general he prefers to rape the inhabited and unihabited deserts to establish NOD command outposts and supply depots. No oil field is left unguarded or unestablished. Erosion spreads and the deserts becomes desolated tiberium wasteland in the name of NOD. When citizens bleed, egos feed.

I construct (once the game starts):

- Powerplant 300 $

- Tiberium Refinery 2000 $


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Hmm, odd, indeed there isn't. I guess you have to use the NOD prices for the low-medium tech buildings. For high-tech or special buildings you have to find a fan site of somekind, I guess (or check the game manual :P)...

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Commander: Commander Trent Howell

Side: GDI

Country: United States

Commander Howell was a lieutenant during the first Tiberium War. He participated in numerous battles in Europe to liberate the continent from Nod occupation, and was present at the destruction of Kane's temple at Sarajevo. An ORCA pilot, Commander Howell prefers to use air power and drop troopers above other units. During the first Tiberiam War, Howell was reputed to have shot down a total of 54 Nod aircraft.

Build Order:

Power Plant (2) - $600

Refinery (2) - $4000

Barracks - $300

Radar Installation - $1,000

Helipad - $500

Train Order:

Light Infantry (2) - $240

Disc Thrower (3) - $600

Balance: $1,460

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My build order:

- Powerplant $300

- Tiberium Refinery $2000

- Hand of Nod $300

- Weapons Factory $2000

-When Hand of Nod is complete, I will get 2 rocket infantry($500) and when Weapons factory is complete, I get a harvester($1400) then an attack buggy($500)

@Sampsa, you still got a balance of $2000 left.

@Dunenewt and all GDI commanders: I made a little webpage for GDI Structure costs and it is listed in the first post of the topic now.

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Commander Name: General Anton Slavik

Side: The Brotherhood of NOD

HQ Territory: Sudan


General Slavik leader of the Black Hand of Nod has moved up the ranks since the end of the Second Tiberium War. He and the Inner Circle of Nod bicker who to elect as new leader of the Brotherhood until the return of Kane. However General Marzaq is in the way he is against Slavik and is fracturing the heart of the Brotherhood slowly.

(Will post build order when I know what the prices are.....)

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Commander name: William Cain

Side: The Brotherhood of NOD

HQ Territory: China

William Cain controls the NOD forces in China. He is brutal with the enemy and the illoyal, but kind and giving with the loyal.

Once the game starts, construction of a:

- Power Plant $300

will commence, followed by the start of a:

- Tiberium refinery $2000

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We build our bases in separate countries

It would take very long time to attack someone

It will take 4 turns to move to another continent. If two opposing people or more are in the same continent, fighting takes 1 turn to ready and after that, the battle is fought.

Do I have to display my whole build order?

I would rather build things as soon as the other buildings are done

more like one at a time

The next building will automatically be worked on after the previous one is complete. In the BO I mean.

"This is faulty. Having 1 more unit-production building will speed up production by 20%, so $800/post if you got 2 factories, $600/post if you got 3 factories and so on.

(11)Having 1 more unit-production building will speed up production by 20%, so $1200/post if you got 2 factories, $1400/post if you got 3 factories and so on.

Less money per post would decrease production rates"

Whoops, thnx for telling, will update tomorrow when I got time.

"When other poeple post, will that count as a round for me? Or do only my own posts give me a turn?"


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How are we going to handle battles? I have an idea, myself...

But, we would need to know the amount of damage each unit has in addition to each units health.

www.tiberiumsun.com Check out the rules.ini in the Utilities section. I am trying to find out a way to implement strategy into this.

Yes to which of them?

All posts, GDI or NOD, will be counted, but they musn't be spam rubbish in order to help your fellow commanders. You cannot double post once the game start unless you have a good reason to.

Anyway, there is still vacancy for 2 NOD commanders and 3 GDI commanders. If response is bad at the end of 4 days, I'll reduce the spaces to 1 and 2 respectively.

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Looks like I have to join this fic, it's just oh so tempting.

Commander Name: General Bryan Warner

Side: Global Defense Initiative (GDI).

Country Residing In: Canada

General Bryan Warner has a loyal army and is a great strategist. He is well-known for his NOD-Extermination's from the past.

Build Order For When Game Starts:

Power Plant: 300$

GDI Barracks: 300$

2 Tiberium Refineries: 4000$

Balance Used ----> 4600$

Balance Left Over ----> 3400$

3 Light Infantry: 360$

1 Wolverine: 500$

1 Titan: 800$

Balance Used ----> 1660$

Balance Left Over ----> $1740

So, so far we have

3 GDI Generals/Commanders

4 NOD Generals/Commanders

Am I right?

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Edit: Oops, we still need 1 GDI commander before we start, I forgot...maybe because GDI is too unnoticable... ::)

@Bryorama: You need a factory to build Wolverines and Titans. :D

@Sard Elite: Pls post your build order. :)

Current commanders:

NOD General Hassan

NOD General Horrigan

NOD General Slavik

NOD General Cain

GDI General DuneNewt

GDI General Howell

GDI General Warner

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