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Tiberian Sun Fan Fic


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  • 2 weeks later...

Commander name: Eric Horrigan

Side: NOD

Country: Libya

Blindly loyal NOD general for its visions, purposes and mode of action. In early 90's he was Gaddafi's most supported terrorist (I'm sorry if this offends some of you). Now a cunning NOD general he prefers to rape the inhabited and unihabited deserts to establish NOD command outposts and supply depots. No oil field is left unguarded or unestablished. Erosion spreads and the deserts becomes desolated tiberium wasteland in the name of NOD. When citizens bleed, egos feed.

I construct (once the game starts):

- Powerplant 300 $

- Tiberium Refinery 2000 $

-  Hand of Nod 300 $

- Weapons Depot 2000$ - Money left - 2400 $

I train:

- Harvester Crew, 1400 $

- Attack cycle driver 600 $

- 3 Light infantry 360 $ - Money left 40 $ :P

Note: I'll be away a week, so I'll leave the command of my base to one of fellow NOD commanders, probably Lowzeewee (Hassan), because he's nearby. Please construct much air defence and harvesters, thank you.  :-*

And I thought NOD was an yankee corp he he.

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