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Make a server invasion fir EBFD XWIS server.


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I have an idea, set a date for people to meet up on xwis servers. Set the date about about a week away, so that people can fix problems with connections and what not. Then on the selected date/time log on to xwis, and there will actually be people.


Date: Friday, July second

Time: 12:00 noone to 9:00 pm EST

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and btw, we dont need it realy.....yesterday night were 12 ppl on. more than enough to have good games except 2 of em r laggers....hehe...

try it 10 pm +1GM til 5 am +1GM

the only prob r people like sarbaukar, who r online, when everybody sleeps, coz they came from the other side of the world. like australia or something else.

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Make EMP-Online day every day ;)

Many times we have tried this, a few have worked quite well, others returned to the sand from winced they came. It is a good idea none the less.

Unfortunately I can no longer participate. :'(

That is until I make room on my puter. I had to un-install EmpBFD, something I never thought I would do, so I could install FFXI.

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whoa there techno....

the XWIS servers are more reliable... have less lagg.... and all of the elite players play on them.

Nobody plays on WOL except the noobs who picked it up in the 5 dollar bargain bin and dont know how to set XWIS up.

IF you want to play anyone

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We tried to set a date to RETURN to XWIS from WOL (XWIS had gone down), when virtually no played EBFD on it. But as Mr Gunwounds said, there are around 20-odd people that play on that now, so its not a matter of arranging dates, its a matter of getting more people to play it.

Then you get the usual stuff about "Who will play now, its sooo old"..."get them over from WOL"...etc, but thats a whole different thread, me thinks.

By the way, I think we returned to XWIS when WOL went down...

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