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Anyone need sounds?


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I have camp in a Couple of days. (See the coming & going thread) But when I get back or maybe even right before here for the next couple of days. I think I can make sound effects for Mods for Dune games. or dune mods for games, whatever.

Just wondering if their was any requests.

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Sorry about 21 empty seconds in it. But this is a good sample to give you an idea what I can do. Made it just now.

Only about 50 Kilobites. Some kind of stealth scan?

Maybe this isn't a good sample to put up. Oh well.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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It is not sounds I need but speech.

I am trying to redo the missions (changed houses) and somethings need to be recorded so that a similar thing is said but without the "Harkonnen" or "Atreides" bit in the middle. The issue is that if you swop phrases the new one must be the same length (in seconds) or shorter as EBFD has been programmed with time slices for each mission phrase! I am ending up with "Watch out for the enemy" phrases all the time!

What I do not know how to do (at this time) is record speech and then get it into a form that can be included in the bag file. I have worked out how speech is called by EBFD and can edit and change speech (with the time limitation mentioned above).

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I guess it depends on what kinda voices you need. and how many..

I don't know if I can help you with that or not. I am somewhat limited to one voice. I can distort my voice and make it sound like its comeing though a radio. I can throw my voice better than anyone I know. And yes. I can swap words around in a file. But I don't own any flangers that would do. I have a few friends that might be willing to loan their voice. But they would probably want to know whats in it for them.

However, I know somebody who might can help. I only talked to him once about 3 months ago. I don't know if he would need to be payed or what.

For whatever its worth to you.


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