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ordos hall of the executrix

Big D

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I'm editing rules.txt, and I am trying to increase the hit point and armor of the hall of the executrix so it can withstand a beating in the ordos level were you must eliminate the tleilaxu threath.

however, I have not found it, probably because it has another name in the rules.txt.

anyway I have heightend the stats of each ordos structure in the rules.txt, but when I play the game the hall is still easily destroyed by those tleilaxu walkers/transports.

got any bright ideas!? :)

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Incidentally, it's quite pathetic in the other houses' attack on the ordos homeworld: it can be removed with a single infiltrator, which is quite deflating when you've smuggled about five in, and readied air support, et. al....

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It's something that you can't change in the rules as you automatically lose regardless of the damage done if you don't get there in time.

Actually when the damage from those bomb things has been done you don't lose! Or at least that's what happend when I played it. 8)
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