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boot freeze crash ebfd makes me nuts

Big D

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Thats a nice computer you got there... I cant find any specific errors, though.

Compatibility mode is whe you tell Windows XP to basically "pretend" it is an earlier operating system (Such as ME, 2000, NT, '98, or '95).

This allows programs which ran under win 98 etc to run under win XP, if they dont already.

To turn on compatibility, right click on the shortcut to the game, clcik "compatibility", then click "run this program in compatibility mode for:". select the desired operating system from the drop down box. I suggest trying Windows 98.

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If EBfD doesn't work yea . . why not. If EBFD should work without NAV you can try the fix for NAV and EBFD. If that fix doesn't work at that time it is up to you. Installing NAV and not being able to use EBFD, or not installing NAV and still being able to use EBFD.

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Have u had a look at the dxdiag file? There doesnt seem to be anything actually wrong with his computer. It does seem more like a software issue.

I wouldn't conclude that nothing is wrong with a PC from looking at a DXDIAG. The only reason I usually ask for it is to check dates of drivers, DDI version, brand of video and sound card, if dial up/ethernet connections are running, memory, processor.

Just looking at that doesn't tell me if anything is wrong with a pc. It's just gathering infowhat the pc exists of (it beats typing it all :P)) There are several other diagnostic tools which could be useful while troubleshooting a problem.

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So long as you dont go downloading stuff off the internet and floppies or CDs, you should be fine. Thats because it should be only for a little while, test it out, if it does work without Norton, then you will have found your problem.

Either way, you can reinstall it within a few hours.

Its really up to you...

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same problem, i bought emperor battle for dune, and installed hiim, but after installation wanted to play game, so rebooted pc, when i done that i runned game and crash

fist, system tray wanishes and desktop too, and waited  some time but no effect, in runned processes found frozen process of emperor battle for dune

i installed system 2days ago, please help

i attach dxdiag.txt[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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