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The story of John


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John awoke by the sound of busy life around him. He was not able to see clearly since he had just opened his eyes. It felt funny; he couldn't remember falling asleep. His last memories were traced back to his office in Bolton Avenue somewhere. It didn't really matter. But he had sat in front of his computer, and he knew he never fell asleep while working.

And this blinding light! What's that? He couldn't see because of the big light positioned directly above his face. He was lying on some form of metallic bench, and for some kind of reason he couldn't seem to move a single limb.

"He is awake," a bitter voice said, clearly coming from someone standing next to him.

A few seconds passed, and the light was turned off. John could still not see anything, because his eyes hurt like crazy as a result of the change in brightness. The rest of the room seemed to be totally dark.

"You are a part of an experiment." It was the same person who spoke. "You cannot die in a hundred years. You cannot attract any diseases or viruses. Neither can you harm yourself." John found these news quite interesting. "We are the only ones who can kill you, and we will tell you exactly when that will happen. You may not do anything during this project. In fact, you may not move any of your limbs an inch." This information was more disturbing. Not move? Were John to die in short time?

He tried to speak, but all attempts failed. "No, Johnny, you may not speak or make any form of sound either. When your eyes are adapted to the darkness, we will have left the room and you will be able to watch a monitor in the ceiling." John got very scared. He couldn't control his eyeballs either!  He was totally paralysed! A prisoner in his own body.

Half a minute later he was able to see something. Directly in front of his face was a monitor. The monitor displayed "Time until death: Y:99 D:364 H:23 M:40 S:23". It kept updating itself every second. He could do ntohing but watch it. Some device dropped some liquid, every three seconds or so, onto his eyes so that they did not dry out.


John died immediately when the screen showed no time left.

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Confused!!!  Is there a hidden meaning behind this story or is it just something you came up with off the top of your head.  Sounds interesting, like it could be developed more....

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I agree, Cyborg.  I find such a concept terrifying.  Your story, although short, has a neat Twilight Zone/Outer Limits type feel to it.  It also reminds me very much of Harlan Ellison's short story I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, in which the last five humans alive are made nearly immortal and tortured by an insane, godlike supercomputer called Am.  I highly recommend it.

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