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Warhammer 40k:Dawn of War *pic heavy*

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I also got the Beta, and I think it's great, but there isn't much balance in power between the units, like some single units can destroy an entire army... And barely damage themselves... For a good RTS, that should change...

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the game is fine, teh balancing issues are minimal and that makes the combat realistic in real life can a squad of infantry with machine gunes take down a tank? no. can a tank (or a walker for this matter) take down several squads of infantry? yes. can a squad of infantry with rocket launchers take dow na tank? yep.

unlike generals, this game has realistic combat.

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Um, We should try both, I can host the game if you want, but I think it should go to the person with the best system. I have:

Pentium 4 2Ghz


FX5900 Ultra

ADSL connection @ 512Kbps

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