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Dune Artwork - Updated July 12!


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I still say to do something more detailed, hehe. :) That drawing is very good. Have any other drawings??  I am not that great when it comes to drawing or using CG. I mean I like to think I am pretty decent, but I dont have that inherent talent, I have to try really hard to draw or paint, or use CGI programs to make a work of art. For example it is hard for me to make definite shapes, or decent renderings of a human body or face. I think that you could do extremely well with that stuff just by how I see the drawing you just did. Keep it up! :)

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While looking for some stuff for Emperor Harkonnen a while back, I came across quite a bit of interesting dune-based fan art.  With the re-emergence of TMA's amazing artistic skills, I figured it would be nice if we made a compilation of links to Dune art.

Thank you for this great list, but most of them are offline. Do you think you can refresh the list and/or upload material that is lost?

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